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24 October 2011

Karen and I had an argument. :p

The first week we opened our mainstore, I wanted a crazy! stupid! mega! sale! and she didn't. So she gave in.

The second week, she wanted a crazy! stupid! mega! sale! and I didn't. So she gave in.

(Are we seeing a pattern here or is it just me?)

I suppose you may be wondering why we are still besties. It is because we practiced yoga while we were arguing.

Not really. It is only because she is awesome. *hugs*

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20 October 2011

Grey and Invisible Talking

Me: yo!
Me: you are grey!
Redice: hello!
Redice: u are invisible!
Me: yay~~~

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17 October 2011

Coriander Cooperative Mainstore is Open!

And I am sleepy. I should stop blogging on Mondays. I mean, blogging on Mondays used to be a cheer from the worst day of my week. Nowadays my brain, if I have any left, is just dead on this day.

I've digressed.

Here's a picture of our shop.

It's in Eturnal Night, right next to the...


What? I am a vampire!

We have a sale this week! And cute stuff! CLICK HERE! And erm, read Karen's notecard! (There is a reason why I am not the marketing officer for my business.)

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10 October 2011

I am stalling.

It has been a crazy time but I am not ready yet.

Hint of what I was doing is in this pic.
(click here!)

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