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30 January 2011

I became a Hybrid!!!

It was an impulse decision. As impulsive as shopping. :/

So, anyway. I have witnessed dozens of turnings by now and knowing what to expect, I managed to do a decent job with the pics this time in comparison with my previous 2 turnings. I am really pleased. :)

Sashia and me eyeing each other.

I really liked this one. If only I could capture her face too.

The final bite.

Turning into a revenant before the, err, poof of embracement/enragement. It is also known as the not-human-but-still-human stage. Ah, how uncomplicated is the bloodlines game. :p


The poof. Great pic from Sashia! :D

Pic from Sher. Gosh, how did he capture me looking so sweet even when I was wearing teethfangs? So deceiving. :p

And now... I am going back to do some RL spring-cleaning for the Chinese New Year. :(

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27 January 2011

The Guy (who ironed his shorts)

Me: hey ya! watcha up to now? :D
Carlotta: chatting with some guy... you?
Me: guy? :p
Me: nothing much
Me: just messing around as usual
Carlotta: yeah, i'm allowed to talk to guys aren't i?
Me: of course, i'm just nosy :D
Carlotta: though i think he irons a short or something between postings!

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24 January 2011

Squashed by my new pool.


I am glad to report that I am doing fine, and that dangerous part of the pool has been removed.

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21 January 2011

Photoshoot 16

Tempered a bit with lighting and saturation for this shoot. I like the effect. :)

And this was the original picture that I did for my current blog Header.

It was eventually de-saturated to suit the blog background. :(

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17 January 2011

Karen named my new T-Rex Fluffy...

She knows me so well.

Yep, riding again. You know, new hobby. But this isn't Fluffy.

My Fluffy is not a rideable version (L$350 vs L$1800) but I already have rideable pets and his job is really to decorate my zoo of a home. I'll get down to take his pic later.

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13 January 2011

Social Skills (because you never know when is it a bad time)

I don't know what people think about this. I do know that I am over-reacting here but in all honesty it would not have taken more effort to not irritate me.

Today, a friend suddenly sent me a curt message that goes "(Another friend) wants you to help me (run an errand). Call me." Full stop. No useful details.

Hello? I know both of you are my friends, but what? I am supposed to call you so that I can ask you for details to run an errand for you? So free ah?

Even if I am not already juggling 2165 things on my plate and not at work on a weekday like this one, I really rather spend any free time I have shopping in SL than run your errand. Yes, the truth is cruel. You can pick up your phone to key a text, but cannot be bothered to call? Then at least give me details in your stupid message.

And don't say that someone else is telling me to do something - for you, no less. Our friend suggested that I help because he knows it is convenient. He didn't give me what looked like a incomplete and insincere instruction from another person. In fact, he called me all the way from another country to explain what it is about. You? In the same country, with an existing phone line that will not charge you more for calling me up? WTH.

Ok, I am done ranting. You are still my friend. *sighs* Now I have to get back to work. Because yes, I do have about 2165 things to do and I am at work.

Posted by the Irritated Woman who is possibly having PMS

12 January 2011

Conversation with Family

Nala: it is nice
Nala: I just got cut up by the pendulum at the castle. Owwww.
Me: um, you are a vamp, i think you can stick yourself back
Me: lol
Nala: hey, good thinking
Nala grabs a needle and thread and starts.

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01 January 2011

Happy New Year!

May everyone have a happy and prosperous year ahead!

And what is a better time than the start of the year to share that my SL family Eturnal Night has started a blog? Ok, I was the one who did it. :D And now I am delighted with how it has turned out. Seriously, my family rawks! (Click here! Click here!)

Meanwhile, I am puzzled over my missing roof.

Now please excuse us while we go ponder over it.

Posted by Tashi Core
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