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29 October 2012

It's not difficult to put 2 and 2 together.

This post is very brief and late because I have been RL busy. What's new?

Busy includes a 3-day-2-night holiday to Phuket Thailand, which I didn't tell anyone in SL about because I came back before anyone noticed I was missing. That's about how interactive I am in SL these days. On a side note, I ran off with plans to indulge in food and a spa, but I ended up indulging in... shopping. I am surprised at how much there is to buy in Phuket, which is not exactly a good thing for my pocket. And the food is no longer as good as they used to be. :(

SL is pretty much the same, other than this LOSER who used a female alt to try to get horny with me (and a female friend and possibly a few others), as if a female AV can attract a straight woman when a male AV can't. I won't go into detail since I'll like him to keep guessing at how he got sussed out. You know dude, there is a thing called IP address, and some SIMs that you TP to are actually capable of getting yours? Keep it up dude, deny it all. How anonymous are you really? *ahem*

I am secretly hoping he gets an anxiety fit, because stupid things do catch up one day. And I do love talking in riddles.

Posted by Tashi Core
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