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30 September 2010

The Mist Returns

Had a healthscreen at work today. Lost 3 tubes of blood. I mean RL blood. *feeling faint*

Oh, it is Zess's turn this round. I mean the mist, not the bloodtaking. She was sucked dry long ago already. Sorry, no pic. And her body shape is intact. So I.have.no.idea.why.

And you know, I am the sort of (RL) person who's veins are so difficult to find that they have to take blood from the back of my hand? It's no big deal really, except that it stings more and my writing hand is going to be kind of handicapped this morning. I am typing with one hand now. Ouch~

Ok, I sound pretty out of point too. I think I need some chocolate.

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29 September 2010

Some Thoughts

I don't take SL seriously. Believe me? :p

But I am acutely aware that the people in it have feelings. It is the reason why I treat my SL friends as I would a person in my RL. Because they are RL people, even though I only see their AVs. I am not being unrealistic to treat them so.

Yes, it is easily dismissible that a SL AV is really "just an AV", because it's fantasy and pixels after all. But it is not right to dismiss the humans behind the AVs, those humans who wish to be happy and not be hurt, just like myself. It is not mistaken for me to empathise with those feelings.

Whether SL friends will eventually be true friends or not, time will tell. But we are not being stupid if we care sincerely for each other, we are being humane.

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28 September 2010

So... Happening Weekend Again

First of all, welcome to my new home. :D

(This pic is outdated by now, our "renovations" were nowhere near finished yet when I took this. Have you ever seen a vampire home this kiddish? :p)

Karen and I moved to Eturnal over the weekend. She is such a sporting girl that I don't know how to thank her enough. She didn't know Eturnal and wasn't interested in BL, but she agreed to move because she knew I was desperately in love with Eturnal.

My new neighbours are all Eturnal family, so there will be no more random strangers messing with our home. :D And when we fall off the plot, we will land onto the neat beautiful Eturnal land (or water, if I jump from a particular corner).

I gotta thank Sashia too, for all the trouble *wink* setting up this lovely space for me. I realise that I haven't been mentioning much of Sashia in my blog, although I have been having a lot of fun with her ever since Vivienne started pestering her.

So let me re-introduce Sashia again. :p She was promoted to be our new Queen yesterday, following an exciting incident which I will talk about later if I can find the correct words. I am not sure if this is the right sentiment to express, but I am happy to see her as the Queen after witnessing all her devoted work for the Eturnal family.

Oh well, nothing (in RL or SL) is permanent. We'll just have to appreciate and enjoy what we have while it lasts. :)

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24 September 2010

I found the cause.

I became a mist because SL ate up my folder of body shapes, including the one I was wearing. So I went around a clueless bodyless ghost for 2 days. :(

I managed to set back my body, but my face is slightly different now. I can't figure out the exact stats to get my old face again. Oh well. The current face isn't too bad. I'm just glad that I didn't seem to lose anything else. I hope.

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23 September 2010

My Most Recent Portrait

That's right, I've been involuntarily roleplaying as a glowing spiritualmist in SL for the past 2 days. Wassup, LL?

Ugh. Somebody save me.

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22 September 2010

I've taken a long time to do this.

But here you go!

Meet Zess, my pet doll. :D

As expected, a doll wasn't my initial plan. She started out as a lycan-wannabe, so I had a sort of clawing jungle child in mind. I gave her red hair and green clothes, and almost hung myself trying to fix her a wardrobe. Her fate changed during the Think Pink hunt when I found her some torn clothes in pink (of course). She has since deteriorateddeveloped into candy. Looking at her now reminds me of my teenage fashion sense some dinosaur decadeyears ago. *cringe*

I am feeling kinda overdosed with all her sugar, so I shall be working it off by planning a warrior life for her. :p I've turned her into a walking undead cum hybrid-wannabe and she will be exploring the BL Wars when I have time, and budget.

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20 September 2010

What? Monday Again? :(

I never seem to get enough sleep these days, even if I make it a point to go to bed by 10.30pm. Serious. I fare better in the weekends but I have somehow lost the ability to compensate by oversleeping, the way I was able to in my err, younger days. These days, I balance up by moving around like a zombie with dark rings under my eyes. *sighs*

SL's been rather slow for the past two weeks, partly because I haven't been running around looking for troubleadventure. Sure, there were definitely moments worth capturing but my brain just missed them until it was too late.

Like when I bumped into one of my favouritest designer Nicky Ree at her shop over the weekend, I.should.have.taken.a.pic.with/of.her. Right??? *sighs*

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16 September 2010

RL Eavesdrop 2

Y: Do you think I should...

A: No you shouldn't.

Y: Yeah, I think I shouldn't too.

A: Ok, what is it??

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15 September 2010

14 September 2010

I had planned a topic that I should be writing about today...

but my mind has worked itself into a complete blank.

It's a tough week at work and my conjunctivitis seems about to relapse. :(

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13 September 2010

Karen and Me at Hair Fair 2010

I gotta take my hat, I mean my bandana (her gift :D) off to her for all her competency in trudging through tent after tent. She kinda went crazy.

I kinda... lost my way. What did you expect?

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09 September 2010

Nothing much today.

That's me taking a break while Karen and I went in search for a toy or two, or ten. I looked tired in the pic but I really wasn't.

But today, I am tired. Sighs.

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08 September 2010

Want a cupcake?

SL is a place of fantasy for like-minded people to befriend and fulfil and support each other. :)

I am recovering from yet another episode of conjunctivitis. I don't know what it is about itching eyes and running nose that made me think of people who are too hungry to find SL comforting even if they can have one. I suppose I am just grateful that I could call it a day from both RL and SL when I need to and not have to worry about tomorrow's food.

I only wish that I have a real cupcake wand in RL, so that hungry people will never go hungry again.

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07 September 2010

Kouse's Sanctum's Treasury

Kouse Singh of Kouse's Sanctum is a darling. She always appears to take everything with a smile. Not that other shopowners don't (I have spoken to several who are as delightful too), it's just that I didn't bother them as much as I did Kouse. :p And I had been bothering and bothering her, partly cos I needed help with one of my purchases and partly cos I've been redeeming endless giftcards that came from obssessing after her Treasury like a madwoman. I was so embarassed by my redeem quantity that I used my alts to do so. Yeah, that... bad.

I was kinda a little sad when she announced last week that she was retiring the Treasury (think it got taken off yesterday), though I am not missing the opportunity for more free gowns as much as for the friends I made in that corner while we surrounded the one pixel box and bumped our pixel heads together.

It was how I met Karen and several other friends. Without Kouse's Sanctum, I wouldn't have my buddy/roomie (who turned me into a cube literally today but that's another story) today.

Thank you Kouse, from the bottom of my heart. We have certainly given you a lot of work to do with the Treasury. And as Karen said, you are perhaps getting rained all over with coins and hearts this week, which means more work for you. But know that your wonderful wonderful efforts are paying off probably more than you intended it to. On top of making people happy with the beautiful gowns (free!) that you have already spent so much time and mind working on, you are also helping people find friends and different sorts of happiness in SL.

As your Treasury comes to a close, please accept my thanks once more.

This isn't Karen and me, by the way. It's me (Vivienne) and me going crazy at the Treasury all by myself... and myself.

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06 September 2010

03 September 2010

RL Eavesdrop 1

Several managers gathered around my boss's desk before marching off together into a meeting with a ridiculous person.

Manager 1: *in a droll tone to my boss* You don't laugh at me, but I have really never seen such a thing before.

Boss: No.

Colleagues in the dept: *giggles and thinking "me too"*

Manager 2: *rushing in* My agony hasn't...?!

Boss: No, it hasn't.

Colleagues in the dept: *louder giggles*

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