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30 June 2011


My kittens are almost 4 days old now.

I've been staring at them and saying, "Come on, boink already!"

They told me they need another 10 days or so.

I am tempted to buy a starter pack just for the thrill of getting a random kitten. But I know that I will shoot myself in 10 days when my cats produce a baby that looks exactly like the one I bought.

I am still tempted. What do you think?

Oh, and I am sick. Fever, flu, sore throat. Whatever.

*sighs* I need to find something else to play with.

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27 June 2011

I am not saying they are cute.

Meet Amethyst (left), named for his purplish eyes, which are not really amethyst-coloured, but whatever. And Beauty, because I can't think of a better name for her.

They are kind of boring for now. They just sit around and do nothing much. I envy them.

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24 June 2011

I talk a lot in RL too. Actually, it wasn't me.

R: Our spontaneous action is always the best. You cannot, with your best deliberation and heed, come so close to any question as your spontaneous glance shall bring you.

D: 请用诗翻译。。。哈哈哈哈
"Please use poetry to translate... hahahaha"

R is known in our circuscircles for speaking poor Chinese but she can apparently memorise Chinese poetry better than all of us put together.

R: xxxxxx.....yyyyyyy...zzzz...1111...2222...3333...lalalalala....

D: 什么星球的语言???!!!???
"What planet's language is that???!!!???"

R: D-ism (The language of spontaneity and irrelevancy aka rubbism)...hahaha
R: rubbish-ism..oops.... =P

D: Thats the R i know mah!!

R: Auntie! Can you at least try to be more *ahem* "profound" for me?? If I can type chinese on my keyboard, I can create better "poetry" for you! =D
R: Apparently, my translation "skills" are superb!

D: Have u download the chi application? Then "shift+alt" can create the "poetry". I miss ur "poetry" esp the above mentioned, if u can translate!

R: Which application to d/l?? *blur* Pls enlighten me, Sifu!
"Shifu" means "Master/Teacher".

D: Google "搜狗" then download? hahaha i got it from another sifu one!
"搜狗" means "search dog" when translated literally. Pronounced as "sou gou", but it is spelled as "sogou" in the recommended site.

R: ok...hang on..I'll go "search dog" now.... heh..

D: 哈哈哈哈哈!

R: Why is the webpage all about dogs???

D: hahahaha..cos u type search dog? http://www.sogou.com/docs/more.htm
D: 桌面工具 搜狗拼音输入法 下载最流行的中文输入法,超大词库,超炫皮肤,超强功能
"Desktop tool, Sogou Pinyin input method, download the most popular Chinese input method, super-large vocabulary, super-cool interface, super-strong functions"

R: Errr. where did that come from? I was led to some website... there's some green button and I'm d/l something but it's mighty sloooowwww...I'll d/l again tomorrow cos I'm gg Zzz now...you just wait and I'll give you my poetry tomorrow!! =D

D: Hahaha ok! Nitez Nitez

R: Nitez!!! (I'll be back....) =D

J: simi - is my instant reaction
simi = what

R: J: kns pls drink more ink
kns = kanna sai = like shit. Using the word "ink" on a person symbolises high-education, knowledge, and/or profoundness.

S: what a load of rubbism ;D

R: S: pls contribute some S-ism then! Better be some "profound" Chinese poetry ok? Need to cater to "D-ism"....:p btw check your inbox tomorrow. Hint: NYC!

Q: wa lau eh... so chim?!

R: Q: give it a shot! Q-ism.....

R: 试用,试用 (testing...Testing)....

R: D, here goes the poem: 我们的XXX动作是最好的。你不可以,XXX 和XXX????, 靠近???什么问题做为???,看着里,看那里,带XXX給你........Beautiful poetry right????
"Our xxx action is the best. You cannot, xxx and xxx????, near to ??? what question become ???, look here, look there, bring xxx to you..."
R: Singlish: One look means confirm!!

D: 我们的自发行动总是最好。您不能,当您的最佳的研讨和注意,来,很接近任何问题作为您的自发扫视将带来您。
"Our spontaneous action is always the best. You cannot, at you best analysis and observation, come very close to any question as your spontaneous sweep(glance) is going to bring here you."
This translation sounds like it makes sense when translated back to English, but the Chinese grammar is really weird.

Q: Erm gers, direction of the conversation hor... Like off from the original course leh... -_-'''

R: Q: We are not off-course..we are trying to translate the phrase into mandarin. But as you can see, my translation is "excellent" compared to D's. Pls contribute your translation too!
R: D: "自发扫视"....*tsk*tsk...hats off...from now on...you can speak to me in 7-word chinese poetry...haha..
"spontaneous sweep"

Me: chuang qian ming yue guang guang guang... (7 words)
A mod version of the most well-known Chinese poem in the Chinese-speaking world, 静夜思 - Thoughts on a Still Night by 李白 - Li Bai. Everyone who speaks Chinese will know this poem. Except that it was originally a 5-word poem.

R: Tashi: Yi shi di shang shuang shuang shuang ...kns. totally off course!

Me: you asked for 7 words and for poetry mah! i am completely and absolutely focused lor!

If I missed out any explanation, please check the Singlish Dictionary.

Yeah, this bunch of people are my best friends. :/

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20 June 2011

More conversations, because I talk a lot.

Carlotta: erm i am confused... new computer, just installed sl2 and everything changed!!!!!
Me: what changed?
Me: congrats on new computer :D
Carlotta: erm, no menu at the top, all sorts of crud taking up half the screen at the bottom instead of the side bar... world seems stuck in a letterbox at the top of the screen
Carlotta: new computer is cos old laptop finally died - the graphics card finally gave up
Me: lol
Me: i think you are talking about the new version of the viewer :)
Me: just take some time to get used to it
Me: it is improved (I think. At least LL said so. :p)
Carlotta: well obviously i had to download the most recent! i think i have worked out the problem - i am in basic mode
Carlotta: i have to log out to go to advanced i think
Me: hmmm
Carlotta: basic won't let me into my inventory!!!
Me: lol, i heard
Me: how about a 3rd party viewer?
Me: i am loving the new firestorm
Carlotta: you mean you heard my scream from singapore!?
Carlotta: the horror the horror!

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17 June 2011

Something Random

Karen: get cereal?
Me: trying to decide between crackers and a hot drink
Karen: How about a whole roasted chicken with a birthday cake on the side?
Karen: or crackers sound good
Me: i'll add ice cream and steak to that :p
Me: yum~
Karen: And cabbage. Must be healthy
Karen: let's go get the adorable puppy :D
Me: ok!
Karen: oh, this place! We love this place!

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14 June 2011

It was not the cat afterall.

Karen: how high prim?
Me: blah blah blah
Me: blah blah blah :)

3 minutes later...

Me: did you fall asleep? :p

40 minutes later...

Sleeping Karen (not her cat): ,/
Sleeping Karen: +
Sleeping Karen: ++

This post was requested by Redice. Don't beat me. :p

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11 June 2011

Cable Car...

Proudly presented by Singaporean builder Derekcsy.

(I managed to get his butt into the pic, literally.)

And I swear that I was not leering at Redice's boy AV. Really.

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06 June 2011

How I got me a SL mum...

It is actually something that I'll rather not remember.

But here we go.

This is my mustard-momo(not)taro-mum. Long story. And I can't remember it! I call her Momomom or Momomum for short, which is not very short.

But she is very short. In AV.

She was parachuting. I was paparazzing.

It's nice to have family no matter how. :p

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02 June 2011

The Bathtub

Karen: because the whole thing was actually inspired by the fact that I, ah, accidently turned a section of the floor transparent and couldn't turn it back
Me: i turned it back already :p
Me: i notice the floor was... moved slightly
Karen: Yeah. the whole thing started when I was wrestling grimly....
Karen: ....with a skirt
Me: i thought it would be something like that
Karen: long story. Boring story.
Karen: but suddenly there was a hole in the floor so I was like, what will cover the hole in the floor.
Karen: Bathtub seemed a likely prospect

Words can't describe the gigantic-ness of a 10m*10m bathtub.

Me: ...
Karen: It's really an adorable skirt though, if I can just pry off that dang belt


Karen: whatever possessed her to put a giant honking white belt on an adorable skirt I'll never know

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