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The Singlish Dictionary

Singlish is an English-based creole spoken in Singapore.

Some of my posts contain Singlish and there is no way for me to express them otherwise. I put up this page to explain things better, I hope.

The definitions below are by my standards only, not official hor.
You can click here for better definitions but I bet it will only make you more confused. :p

I will add more definitions as I start using more of them in this blog.

4D - A type of lottery in Singapore

Ah - An exclamation used at the end of sentences to indicate admiration, affirmation, exhortation or whatever.
Ahlian - A fashion-conscious Singaporean woman who tends to overdress.

Baksai - Hokkien for tears
Bery/Berry - Very
Buay Tahan / Buoy Tahan (BTH)
- Cannot stand it.

Cannot make it (CMI) - Fails or falls short of the passing standard.
Chio - Attractive, stylish
Cry father cry mother / Kao beh kao bu - Creating a big fuss or getting hysterical, usually over unimportant things.

Eh - An exclamation used at the beginning of sentences to attract the attention of the person addressed.

Hor - A sort of punctuation used in the middle or end of sentences for emphasis.

Juz - Just

KaZua (KZ) - Cockroach. Err yeah, my gang of best buds named ourselves KZ. It's really all my fault but pleaseee don't ask me why.
Kao/Kaoz/Wakao/Wakaoz - An exclamation expressing disbelief, shock or surprise.
Kor/Korkor - Big Brother. Used affectionately.

La/Lah/Lar - Used at the ends of words or phrases just for emphasis.
Le/Leh/Lei - A sort of punctuation used for emphasis that implies that there is no doubt.
Liao - Already. Used only at the end of sentences.
Lo/Lor - A sort of punctuation used to express affirmation.

Ma/Mah - A sort of punctuation used to express that something is apparent, obvious or self-evident.
MC - Medical leave. It actually stands for medical certificate, not really Singlish but seems to be a local term.

Neber - Never
Neh - A sort of punctuation used to express an explanation.
Nia - Only. Used only at the end of sentences.
Nvm - Nevermind

One - Mis-use of the sentence structure "a (description) one". The mis-used version is used for emphasis at the end of sentences.

Powderfool - Deliberate mis-use of "powerful".

Skew/Skews me - Excuse me
Sia - An exclamation used as a suffix for emphasis.
Sianz - Boring, dull, tiring
Siao - Crazy
Sibeh Jialat - Very difficult. Usually used to emphasise an unsatisfactory situation.

Tee-gong - Literally translated as "Sky Grandfather". A Chinese Deity/God from the sky.
Tot - Thought
Toto - A type of lottery in Singapore
Tio bo - Right?

Ur - Your

Wa - An opening exclamation expressing that one is impressed.
Walao/Walau - A mild exclamation expressing annoyance, disbelief, exasperation, frustration or surprise etc.
Where got - Where is there such a thing. It's a literal translation from the Chinese language.

Ya - Yeah

Zabor - Hokkien for "woman"
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