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10 August 2012

Long time no see...

Hi there hi there, just popping in randomly to update as usual. If anyone still comes back here to look at all.

Things are going well, and I am waiting patiently for the right time to execute my plans. Meanwhile I am taking gradual and bigger steps to return my focus to RL. For those of you who do not know and you probably don't, my burnout was deep enough for me to give up my RL social life almost completely. If not for my best friend R who, oh nevermind what she did or I'll be plotting revenge, I might have withdrawn completely and it would have been a lot more difficult to keep check with reality.

So anyway, I found that a good way to start looking like a human again is to... start looking like a human again.

Life is wonderful when the first big step you need to take is to go shopping. More than once. You know you have gotten really shoddy when your mother sees you bringing home endless bags of new clothes and encourages you to keep it up without a question about how much money you spent.

I look prettier now than I was last month. :D

Also, quite by err, accident on my part and without going into too much detail, my friend U signed me up for a Bollywood dancing class which turned out to be rather embarassing. I achieved a foot cramp barely half an hour into the first class and was... not so successful in limping my way out without anyone noticing. I simply love to make a fool of myself, so I signed up for a full series of classes afterward. Maybe the fact that it might be a good idea to start exercising again contributed to my decision. Ok, that Indian guy at the counter is pretty cute too but I am not going to fight with U over him. Really. Friends are more important like that.

Having said everything about returning to RL, and being abrupt because I need to go back to work and also because this is my blog and I can, I do NOT plan to quit SL. It just has to take a backseat so that I can have a healthier balance.

Cheers, Tashi Core
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