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02 April 2013

My SL Pet Peeves Meme

You know by now that I stalk a Strawberry. Just saying. :p

We are talking about SL pet peeves for her meme today. Oh my, how do I start? Ok, let's try.

This is in random order:

1) Perverts! Oh, get a RL! That may at least increase your chance of getting REAL sex. Why is pixel sex so amazing for you??? Why would I want my cartoon to have sex with your cartoon? To clarify, I have no problem with others having SLex. Just leave me alone.

2) People who think that SL is all about SLex. Some people cannot understand that SL offers anything other than flirting and f***ing. They only see what they want to see. I only roll my eyes and move on.

3) Guys who hit me up and expect me to think of something to say. You know, the type who can only say how are you and I am fine? And... what? I am supposed to carry on with a conversation you did not start?*

*A friendly hi is always welcome, no matter if you may not have much else to say. I can tell the difference between this conversation and the one that is trying for something more, trust me.

4) Guys who hit me up and expect me to drop everything to meet them. Because they are um, so important? You know, the type who demands a tp? And the type who assumes you would love nothing better than to go dancing or somewhere with them? Because you should be totally flattered that they are showing you attention. If you are not flattered, you are such a snob.

I am such a snob. :)

5) And um, trollers! I despise you and I wish I can spray you with something.

Now that I've read my ranting, I guess my biggest peeves are about getting harassed, usually for romance or SLex, when I don't even go out to meet people. I think I am fairly accepting or tolerant with everything else I've seen in SL so far. This is the best I can summarise without getting mean, although I can tell you oh so many stories!

I am exhausted just thinking about them.

Posted by Tashi Core


Peep Sideshow said...

I have to agree with you!

*goes back to enjoying being a snob*

Tashi Core said...

*sits beside Peep* Let's be snobs together. :p

Strawberry Singh said...

LOL @ perverts! The world is full of em! Let's be snobs together. <3

Tashi Core said...

Yay, 3 in the Snobby Club now! :)

Sakki said...

OMG! You could not have said it better. The same things that really get under my skin.

Tashi Core said...

I can say a lot more about these losers, maybe one day I will. But I want to try to look like a nice person. :p

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