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31 March 2011

Down the cutesy road.

I finally caught up with Coral last week.

She's a cutesy-pie now.

And I took a journey through our memories.

Gotta say that I am really not used to the change. Haha.

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28 March 2011

(Sort of) A Typical Day

Samanthe: O.O
Samanthe: house gone byebye...
Me: omg
Me: hahahahahaha
Karen: oh no what did I do
Me: you tore up my house
Samanthe: lol
Me: *rofl*
Karen: how much of it did I kill? I was trying to delete the damn earrings
Me: *re-rezzed the deleted portion of the house and sent it into outer space* ugh, I am no better at this. brb. fetching back the house
Karen: yikes
Samanthe: have fun
Karen: Damn, I'm such a bozo
Me: *flew into outer space, found the house, shoved it back into my plot and flew back*
Karen: I'm reasonably sure Tashi will forgive me. lord knows she's done it before, LOL
Samanthe: love the smell of a wall in the morning...
Samanthe: since it was right in my face I had to say it
Karen: lol I think I lost the tip of my nose
Karen: *wedges into a chair* I'm gonna sit here quietly and keep outta trouble

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24 March 2011

Random RL Thoughts

My best bud works in the same dept as I do. It is like striking the lottery.

An Assistant Director, whom I don't know well because we don't work much with each other, offered me breakfast out of the blue one morning. It was like striking the lottery twice.

A Deputy Director, who is rather snobby and usually turns up her nose at us, suddenly made friendly conversation with my best bud when they bumped into each other in the restroom. It was like striking the lottery thrice.

When both incidents happened to my best bud and I on the same day, it was like striking the first prize in the lottery 4 times.

But I forgot to buy lottery that day. :(

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21 March 2011

18 March 2011

Samanthe gets my spotlight today. :p

Samanthe did up a garden.

She uses it to electrocute herself when she gets bored.

Alternately, I may sit in and stare at her until she decides to electrocute herself.

(I think she has demolished this garden by now.)

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16 March 2011

Relief Bears, Pacific Crisis Fundraiser and FFL/RFL

My blog is really meant to be a diary and not a current affairs blog. But I am making an exception now because... I don't know. I feel overwhelmed, but not in a way that anyone should get worried about.

SL designers have put up a very commendable fundraising event which will start today. Proceeds will be used to support the Americares efforts.
SLurl is here: World of Beauty (204, 146, 1003).

If you are not interested in shopping, you can simply purchase a Relief Bear by LL from the SL Marketplace. Proceeds will be used to support the American Red Cross efforts.

If you belong to Eturnal Night, we have a donation bottle right outside Club Eturnal and the donations collected will be used to purchase the Relief Bears.

Yup, you probably already know it.

I am a little belated in posting all these, but your donation efforts will not be too late.

And since I am at it, Fashion for Life / Relay for Life is also going on from 12 to 22 March 2011. It is another worthy cause that goes to support the American Cancer Society. I won't link up any more SLurls, they are easy to search for.

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14 March 2011

They said I am imaginative.

I have a degree in Theatre Studies (and Mathematics) (no kidding) (yeah, I know) in RL. Up to some 10 years ago, I held a dream of an on-stage career. But I eventually went through a phase during which my priorities in life changed dramatically.

Fast forward to last year, I stumbled into SL and discovered that I could actually try to re-live my forsaken dream in this virtual world. SL is a stage of creative art, glorious roleplay and stunning fashion. It has the potential for everything that I had wanted back then.

So I tried. And then I realised how much I had changed in the last not-so-few years.

When I resigned from my drama dream and settled for a routine 9-6 boredom, it was mainly due to an understanding that a more important purpose had emerged in my life and I cannot put in enough to sustain the best of both worlds. I knew that I would continue to love the stage regardless. I still do now.

But I was caught by surprise when I found that I cannot act in SL. I cannot roleplay with a straight face. I cannot watch other AVs play out their fantasy without giggling at how surreal it feels. I cannot help feeling silly when I try to play along. I cannot help adding in a RL twist. I cannot get serious.

That said, I think it is probably because SL is a different platform from the RL stage, which has experienced many more years of professional tweaking. And I applaud those in SL who are able to immerse fully into what they are doing. I think I have lost my depth, though it may not be in a bad way.

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08 March 2011

When the bikes couldn't move.

(before Sashia fixed the scripts)

Me: (I) guess we are just gonna sit here and look at each other
Me: lol
Karen: At least we look good

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06 March 2011

Riding Again

So, Karen and I bought bikes. Scooters.

Because I think I looked pretty dang cool on it, I won't tell you how I rode off a bridge, fell under the sea, threw up a cliff-like edge, landed on a roof, crashed into someone's yard and spun myself about like a merry-go-round.


Erm, where's Karen?

We decided that I might fare better as a passenger, so I hopped onto her backseat.

She took me over the bridge.

... and into a drain...

through a shelter...

head-first underwater (and tried digging a hole while we were at it)...

and finally wedged us both between the walls of someone's home.


I promise she rides better than me.

Posted by Tashi Core
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