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About Tashi Core

I am mostly a Second Life avatar. Sometimes I will allow you to peek into my boring Real Life. But it's so boring, why do you want to know?

Regardless, I have compiled a list of questions people have been asking me in SL. I hope I satisfy your curiosity. If not, too bad.

Who are you in RL?
I am a banished princess from planet Saturn. I offended my people by falling in love with my male slave. Where I come from, heterosexual relationships are discriminated because we are overpopulated. No, really.

Where are you from? Are you Japanese?
Ok, Singapore. I am Chinese, but born and bred in Singapore.

How old are you?
30s and counting.

Are you single/available?

What's your occupation?
Uncertain at the moment. Long story.

What are your hobbies in RL?
SL, obviously. I watch TV while I do stuff in SL. I also read fiction and I do bits and pieces of arts and crafts depending on my mood. I can crochet and make jewellery of limited sorts. I am a nerd at heart.

Why do you like SL so much?
In short, SL allows me to "see the world" in many more ways. I've made friends from all over the world and heard them share about their ways of life. It's fascinating. And then there are creative cells in our heads that cannot come alive in RL because our RLs are stuck with practical and boring things. SL is an outlet for that art.

Do you do SLex?

Why not???
(I hear exasperation here.)
SLex is like watching ugly cartoons to me. I cannot find it in me to be interested in both the "intimacy" or the graphics. A well-made piece of SLexual art may inspire my interest but that will involve posing very still and not humping. Also, sex (slex) talk is very lame, irritating and fake to me when there is no love, in addition to being rude and insulting to the party who is not interested.

Won't you fall in love if you spend a lot of time with people in SL?
I don't fall in love easily. I know myself well, so there is no point challenging my word on that. :)

Do you have feelings for people in SL?
Yes, I do develop feelings for people in SL after some time and I care about them. I also find that I care about SL bloggers I have never met before if they blog their thoughts and their thoughts touched me.

Do you roleplay?
I tried, but lost interest. I am still in bloodlines and keeping my status in my clan, Eturnal Night. If I meet someone who is interested in the bloodlines game or joining a good community in SL, I will ask them if they are interested in becoming my bloodlines minion because my clan is a good support group. But that's all I do. I prefer doing business or artsy ventures to roleplay.

You have a business in SL? What kind of business?
I bred and sold KittyCatS, and I had a house/furniture store. I have had to wind up because I am on a break from SL. I will probably set up a business again if/when I return.

Other than business, what do you do in SL? (since you don't have SLex, and barely roleplay?)
I have mood swings that trigger impulses to build houses or furniture, go shopping, style up or take photos at different times.

I have seen your photos. Do you take photos for other AVs?
Not at the moment. I don't always get good pictures with my current skills and I don't have any photo editing software. It is also difficult for us to fit in an appointment because of my RL timezone. But it is something I am interested in and may work at, probably after I come back from my break.

How do I contact you when you are not in-world?
My email is tashicore@gmail.com. But really, why do you want to contact me on my break?

You are welcome to ask more questions, but I will only answer and post them here if I think they are appropriate and relevant.

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