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29 April 2011

Guilty or Innocent?

All I do in SL nowadays is re-texture my house over and over again. And move a prim or ten here and there. It is almost complete but not perfect. Oh well.

And because my brain hasn't been working very well lately, I am letting myself get away with re-doing a "Guilty or Innocent" meme (is this what you call it?) that I received during the dinosaur ages.

So... have I ever:

1. asked someone to marry me?
Guilty. It was a joke but not an excuse - I did it.

2. kissed one of my facebook friends?
Guilty. I mean RL facebook.

3. danced on a table in a bar?
Innocent. The goody-two-shoes nerd shows up.

4. kissed someone of the same sex?

5. held a snake?

6. been suspended from school?
Innocent. *ahem*

7. worked at a fast food restaurant?
Innocent. I can't believe I have never done this.

8. done something I regret?
Guilty. And you don't want to know what it was.

9. laughed until something I was drinking came out my nose?
Innocent. It didn't happen from laughing. :X

10. caught a snowflake on my tongue?
Innocent. Snow! I want to see snow!!

11. kissed in the rain?

12. kissed someone I shouldn't?
Guilty. Oops.

13. been pushed into a pool with all my clothes on?
Innocent. I jumped into the sea with all my clothes on though. :D

14. made a boyfriend cry?
Guilty. Yes, boys do cry. :p

15. shot a gun?

16. donated blood?
Innocent. Wish I can be guilty for this, but I'm thalassemic.

17. eaten alligator meat?
Innocent. Eew.

18. loved someone I shouldn't?

19. have/had a tattoo?

20. liked someone, but will never tell who?

21. been too honest?
Definitely guilty.

22. ruined a surprise?

23. ate in a restaurant and got really bloated that I can't walk afterwards?

24. dressed in a man's clothes?

25. been told that I'm beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said?
Guilty. (Yay!)

Ok, now you can shoot me.

Posted by Tashi Core

25 April 2011

I'm back! (I think.)

I took a week off work and focused on getting enough sleep.

Then I ran off to Malaysia for a weekend, snorkelled for an eyeful of dead corals, climbed and soaked up freezing waterfalls, stubbed a foot along the way, and got me a sunburn on the boat journey home.

It was, erm, rejuvenating.

Especially when my best friend who shared a bed with me in our tiny shack woke me up at 1.30am to ask me what the time was.

And then woke me up an hour later to ask for a pillow swop, because her pillow was too thick. Yes, her pillow was too thick indeed, so I ended up sleeping without a pillow. I won't mention that we had another friend in the same room who had 2 pillows but got to sleep soundly through the night.

I was kicked several times and sat up in the morning to find that I had been squashed against the wall and there was a pretty woman sprawled in the middle of my bed.

That same pretty woman told me that she wanted to wake me up to find out if the thick pillow could do for me, but did not do so in case she disturbed my sleep. So... considerate.

I can go on and on.

Anyway, that's what I've been doing in RL, apart from hanging in there until I got to the break. I feel relaxed now. I hope it lasts for a little while at least.

Although I didn't blog, I was halfheartedly active in SL. Therefore, home looks like this now.

I tore up and put together 2 houses from Mandy's Manors, a 3-storey estate house and an 8-storey castle. It is now a 4-storey castle. I bet Mandy will be delighted to see how I've distorted her buildings beyond recognition.

This is the back.

It remains my all-time favourite old house. I think I have never mentioned that it was from Ace's Spaces and Park Life. I don't remember exactly which side.

Because I am as abrupt and awkward as ever, I shall end my post here.

I hope I will be inspired to resume regular blogging.

Posted by Tashi Core

08 April 2011

I have been too strong... for too long.

I've not had a real breakdown for the past 10 years, even though the most difficult part of my life came only a few years ago. Yes, very difficult, so difficult that I doubt anyone normal can go through what I did the way I did. I am not complaining, I chose my path. I am merely explaining that I went through quite a bit.

Sometimes in life, it is not the major issues that throws you the final straws.

The straw comes when your dad's new mobile phone becomes more important than your delayed dinner after a long day's work, so you must fix the phone now. Right now.

The straw comes when your brain is still fried from the long day's work and you try to discuss alternatives with your bf but he gets upset because your ideas are so not brilliant.

The straw comes when he messes up your schedule (again!), and didn't seem happy when you try to fix it.

The straw comes when you can't explain where the ache in your shoulders came from, or your new swollen eye. Oh right, PMS.

The straw comes when you can't even be bothered to think of that time when things are definitely worse...

I think it is time for a good breakdown.

And that said, I am going on a blogging break.

I'll be back when I feel up to it. (Maybe tomorrow.) And when I come back, you will get my rantingjuicy gossip again.

Meanwhile, the world continues to spin... too fast.

Posted by Tashi Core

04 April 2011

And the Virgin Speaks.


Yeah right, me. :p

So the other day, when I told an acquaintance that I was never interested in getting me some cartoon romance and sex, he went, "What, you are a SL virgin?!" and laughed at me.

I started counting pixels in my head, trying to decide how to categorise each of them into virgin pixels or non-virgin ones. I do that whenever I think about virginity. In RL I count and categorise body cells.

And split them by percentage. Even out the probability, compute the sigma and draw a control chart. Ended up bashing Microsoft 2007.

Sorry, RL work confuses my life.

But being a freak is apparently not enough to make those SLex-seeking guys freak out.

My reply didn't come out right though. I said something like, "What is it about pixelated virginity?" I really meant the categorising, but it came out sounding like I was offended. I probably should be offended, but omg I was already sooo upset, you know. Because according to this dude, I have missed out on sooo much.


I have never tried to prove that I was duped and dumped in love, so that someone may decide to have SLex with me. (Yes, he sent me their chat log, just to convince me that he really got dumped. And therefore broke the LL TOS for SL users if it was a real log. Someone sue him please?) I don't know where the logic is that will help him get the SLex, but there you go.

I have never thrown myself at someone I had just met with all the glorious details of my oh-so-disastrous love story, so that someone may decide to have SLex with me. I still don't know where the logic is, but there you go.

And I have never attempted a loser mockery at someone who chose not to play along with me, so that someone may decide to have SLex with me. Seriously, someone explain this to me?

It was only the first day that I've met him and he is already showing me sooo much that I've missed out. I am sure that I will go on to discover A LOT more if I got to know him better. How am I ever going to erm, not fall behind??? *sobs*


I guess I shouldn't even have entertained him in the first place. But talking to him was fun(ny)... actually downright hilarious.

Needless to say, we didn't stay acquainted for long. *hint* I can be mean too.

Posted by Tashi Core
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