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12 April 2012

It's about time to tell you again that I am still alive.

Ok, I am just bored. But life is worth celebrating. Just saying.

When you are buried under mountains of RL work, keeping your spirits up is an achievement that is cause for cheering. It may mean that you end up buying more cats in SL though. And birds. And trying to boink the wrong pixel species together. And exceeding prim limits. And sneaking around the internet during work hours to check out SL pictures.

But I have no pictures to show you until I get home from work. It's just lunch hour and I need to think about things that are far away from RL. I forgot to take my thumbdrive with me today, which is where I keep all my nonsense, including pictures and important work files. It doesn't explain why I am blogging now, but it will explain why an important work file won't be ready for my boss today. It's a good thing I've got so many deadlines my boss will either not remember or pretend not to remember.

Ok, I really came here to ramble, it seems. I better go eat something.

Posted by Tashi Core
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