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30 June 2010

RL stuff only...

Sighs. I am out from work today due to conjunctivities. I am not sure I got the spelling right, but I can't be bothered to find out. I think the irritation has travelled from my eye through my nerves to my mood. Or maybe I am just tired...

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29 June 2010

I became a Hunter!

I was supposed to blog this yesterday instead of the photoshoot, but it was bad mood Monday.

BAD. MOOD. Is not a good time to write.

It isn't that good today either - I was trapped in traffic for 2.5 hours on my way to work. So yeah, I was late for work by 2.5 hours. It was ridiculous. But it's over now. And it's lunch. :)

I was cooling off and sorting inventory last night when Karen suddenly dropped me a note to wish me a great evening just before she logged off to start her day.

... She must be psychic. Coated with sweetness. :D

Ok, I've digressed. I am supposed to be talking about hunting. After a hectic week and weekend, I was wandering in SL on Sunday afternoon when Carlotta sort of lured me into the I Love Fashion hunt. But we barely got through the first location and her kids decided that it was time to save mummy from the evil internet.

I didn't have any lovely little humans to save me :p, so I continued the hunt with my new friends Meggan and then Rin. I tell you, these 2 ladies are hunt geniuses. I arrived at every next location to find them telling me where the prize was. Yep, they were that fast, most of the time anyway. I think I slowed them down a lot, but they took me up very nicely. It was an easy hunt for me, since I just needed to stalk the willing people. And I ended up with a small explosion of inventory that had several cool items.

So this very nice hunt experience, and the fact that Rin was going on and on about the Geekgasm hunt and the Good Sh*t hunt which kind of rubbed off on me, made me throw in the towel and decided to join the hunting game.

I started on the Good Sh*t hunt last night. I am now somewhere at location 16 or 17. Hunting alone isn't as fun, but it is somewhat soothing as I go at my own snail pace.

I think I can finish it up by this week. :)

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28 June 2010

Photoshoot 11b

I went back to Sichuan to finish up the photoshoot when I realised that I had ventured into Japan Shubu and was no longer in Sichuan.

Anyway it was a weekday night and I got tired after taking a few more pics. Couldn't give enough justice to the loveliness of the place.

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25 June 2010

It is more fun to give than to win!

I spent the last weekend at Kouse's Sanctum's Treasury. It mainly gives out jewelry but if we are lucky we may get coins or giftcards or hearts that we could use to redeem a free gown. I really wanted to win a gown even though I knew from experience with the lucky chairs that Lady Luck wouldn't shine on me so easily. But I had attitude, and I persevered. The result - I have enough jewelry to give out to my friends' list for the next 3 Christmases.

On Sunday afternoon, Karen bounced in and joined me at the Treasury. Within a few dips, she got the giftcard for a gown! Still, she stayed for more dips, possibly because the jewelry is also pretty cool. And we started chatting because there was really nothing much to do apart from taking turns to dip.

Well, I got comfortable and started whining to her about having no luck. I thought that my being-a-jinx-at-lucky-draw-stuff was funny and I just wanted to entertain her a little.

I didn't expect her to insist on giving me her giftcard. It was so sweet of her! And I couldn't say no after she told me that it was more fun to give than to win! Gawd. *blush*

*makes mental note not to whine anymore* It was a lovely but embarassing moment. Thanks Karen! Luv ya!

Karen went on to pick out the loveliest Ryel Gown in white for me. I couldn't find the pic for the white gown. Oh look, the shiny satin. The glorious shiny satin! *drools*

And the story is not finished.

After Karen went off to crash (it was late Saturday night where she was), I went back to continue the Treasury dipping. I had all the SL time I want as long as RL allows, right? ;p

I wanted very much for Karen to have her gown too, so this time I was wishing to win a giftcard for her. I think Lady Luck knew that I had learnt my lesson, so I got the giftcard within half an hour. :D


I went on dipping, because I wanted moredipping can get addictive. Later that day I won another giftcard which I gave away as well. :)

Karen was right, it was more fun to make someone happy than to win a virtual prize. Thanks Karen!

And thank you, Kouse Singh! You are not only giving away lovely free gifts in your Sanctum, you are giving me some lovely friends in SL too!

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23 June 2010

Photoshoot 11a

I was juggling between the shoot and chatting around when Sa invited me to her home. Because I am easily distractedwas very interested, I dropped the shoot and TP-ed over.

I found Sa in a photogenic pose when I arrived (I was still in photoshoot mode), so I decided to take a pic of her. It wasn't until I looked at the pic that I realised I was standing on her coffee table. Oops.

I thought this pic is funny because it looked like I had failed miserably to get her attention, but we were actually chatting like mad in IM.

I went exploring the house intending to kind of continue my photoshoot.

I only managed to get one pic of her cute bedroom before SL decided to crash me out.

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22 June 2010

Sa's Wedding

Sa's wedding last week was at Condominio Jewell. I'll try as much as possible not to spoil this post with my ranting since most of the pics are quite self-explanatory. Not that I can explain much cos the ceremony was conducted in Portugese. :p

Ok, I cannot help saying this. This guy walking Sa down the aisle... looked scary.

So lovely~~~

Coral looked really sweet.

I looked like I was forcing my eyes wide open. Pretty close to what I was doing then in RL, after midnight on a working day. Hee.

The kiss! Oh, the kiss!! ... :X

I am not sure what happened after this. I think I crashed.

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21 June 2010

Photoshoot 10

I've never been much of a city girl even though I was born and brought up as one. It was surprisingly not easy to put the pieces together and still look like I belong.

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The Break

So, err, yeah, I took a long weekend break from the blog and kinda failed the BBBC. RL called. And demanded BIG.

Ok, I was making excuses. I was only called away for a full day. I was in-world as usual for the weekend but I couldn't blog because my brain went on strike. I could have posted pictures but I decided to go all out and take my blog break. :)

Coming Wednesday and Thursday, RL work is taking me away from the computer again. I'll probably be able to get to a computer in the evening but I'll really rather spend that short time in-world.

We'll see how huh.

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17 June 2010


Is your avatar more or less your current biological age? Do you portray a younger avatar, or older? Why is this?

My AV age is... literally 1.5 month old of course. Ha, not funny.

I have never thought of giving myself an age for SL. My SL dressing style usually just revolves around an item or 10 that I got excited about for that moment. But looking back at what I came up with so far, I think my AV might be in her mid-20s. I suppose that is a good age when one can still dress young but also carry off mature styles.

In RL I am a little older. ;) But I look young for my age and I am often mistaken for a fresh graduate at work (I won't even talk about the casual days), so I probably look younger than my AV. Haha. I'll leave you to make sense out of that.

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16 June 2010


YAY!!! 3 Cheers for me!!!


Err, so it turned out that there was a print error in the wedding invitation and the time should be 9am and not 9pm. That meant RL midnight for me last night. About 1 hour before the wedding, Sa caught me! :D

:D :D :D

I had to stay up a little but it beats not being able to go at all! It was lovely lovely lovely!!! Sorry, I am a bit high here. (Lack of sleep does that to me, but I am totally happy!!!)

I took some pics but I have not gone through them yet. I'll try to get them up soon. :)

Another cool thing is that I have this update today, so I don't have to answer the newest BBBC topic.

How hard do you think it is to find a relationship in SL? If you have an SL relationship, have you met in the physical world? Would you meet them? Do you think it would change your SL relationship if you met?

*lol* It is a difficult thing for me to talk about. Let's just say that I wouldn't dream of complicating my love life further with SL. I'll keep my SL friendships simple and sweet. :D

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15 June 2010

The BBBC Post (2 in 1)

I signed up for Alicia Chenaux's Big Bad Blogger Challenge (BBBC) yesterday, but only after I had posted for the day. So today I am answering 2 topics instead of 1.

* Why did you become a blogger? How has it enriched your life?
* Write about three positive things going on in your Second Life.

Gawd. I am now thinking back to the dinosaur years ago when I first discovered internet and then much later on, blogging. And all the things that happened in between.

I'll keep it light.

I was a RL blogger before I gave up blogging for personal reasons. I'll spare you my grandmother's story. But I do love blogging and SL is a good excuse for me to start again. Blogging puts my thoughts in order and is a way for me to remember and sort of immortalise my memories. :)

The 3 good things in SL:

1) Friends
I can't claim that I made my bestest friends in SL or anything like that since I am only 1.5 month old. And I doubt I can make any such friends in SL too soon. But I've met people who's AVs I really enjoy having my AV hang out with, and it means something to me even though we are filtered behind our computer screens. So yeah, the first good thing in SL for me is about making new friends.

2) Beauty
There is a vain part of me that I can never satisfy in RL but is just screaming to be set loose anyway. Need I say more about free clothes, perfect shapes, impossibly high heels, elaborate hairstyles, soulful eyeballs and eczema-less skins?

3) Affordable Entertainment
SL is less expensive and more fun than cable TV and many other entertainment avenues. (Not that I don't like cable TV.) Ok, this isn't exactly something that is going on inside SL, but I think it is a valid point. I mean, I have already pointed out the fun-ness and the pretty stuff, which are reasons enough for me to be happy with my SL. But how can it all happen if SL isn't affordable?

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14 June 2010

Major *SOBS*

My friend Sa invited me to be a photographer at her wedding on Tuesday SLT 9pm, which will be during my RL office hours on Wednesday.


I will be buried in RL work, probably trying to keep my head above a certain report. *sobs*



Oh well, she's promised to show me pictures of her wedding. That's kinda comforting. *sniffs*

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13 June 2010

Photoshoot 9

I am quite pleased with this shoot, considering that I am not exactly familiar with the colour green.

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12 June 2010

What to say?

I saw a hawt, hawt, HAWT AV just now! But I didn't take a picture cos he seemed to be soaking it up with another hawt (who isn't?) female AV. In a public place though. I felt as if I was intruding... so I didn't interrupt him/them.

I would have really loved a picture.


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11 June 2010

Its been a quiet week...

It seems like most of my friends are not in SL this week. I hope they are doing happy stuff wherever they are. :)

But I have nothing to blog about now... except for more photoshoot stuff. :(

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10 June 2010

Eturnal Twilight

I was in the dressing room the other day when I met Salytha. She was a newbie and had "Eturnal Bloodangel" tagged to her head, which prompted me to bombard her with a lot of BL questions. I also pestered her to bring me to her clan Eturnal Twilight, and she took me up like a good sport. :D

Like a good host she showed me around the castle, but I bet that half the time she was just making things up as we went along. :p And like a dumb sleepyhead I forgot to take pictures till much later. But the prettiest parts of Eturnal Twilight is not in the castle anyway, IMO.

When Salytha and I came to the gazebo, I didn't really care much about exploring anymore. It was lovely to just sit and chat.

Other members of Eturnal started arriving after a while, and Sashia the Eturnal Princess came over to join us. Sashia is a gorgeous AV, but my brain was in dumb mode so I didn't remember to take any close-up pics of her.

Sashia suggested that Salytha and I visit the Sphere as it was a part of the land that she really loved. She brought us over and showed us the flying poseballs in the air. So we started flying like nobody's business.

We might have attracted some attention. Donna and Radar came to join us and we got messy. I had no idea what went on anymore except that I kept laughing and laughing.

When we were finally settled after all the crazy flying, Sashia decided to cool us off with some music.

Sashia invited me to join Eturnal (not that Salytha didn't :p) but I stalled my answer because I still had questions which I could no longer ask then as I was half nodding off (in RL). But I honestly like Eturnal Twilight and both Salytha and Sashia so I don't mind getting bitten there once I know exactly what I am getting myself into.

Till next time then, and I look forward to seeing them again. :)

Posted by Vivienne Eiren
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