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31 December 2011

I'm sure we make sense.

Karen: I was surprised at one of a waterfall.
Karen: For some reason I thought you were flattish
Karen: I mean, Singapore was flattish


Karen: ah, I think there was a bird of some sort involved
Me: should be the bird park then
Karen: Or an orchid
Me: ...
Karen: You know how easily those two things are confused
Karen: You know, one being a fast-moving flying object
Karen: and the other being a bird
Me: ...
Me: a fast-moving flying orchid?
Karen: what, you're telling me yours don't? borrrrring
Me: i mean, that's a great idea

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25 December 2011

Oh yeah, right. Merry Christmas!

It was a good time for me to disappear. And for you to miss me. (Finally! She's stopped ranting and gone away.)

I don't have much about SL to tell you right now except that I should really bring myself together and start building. Soon.

In RL, I should really bring myself together and start de-cluttering my room. Soon.

Given that my RL this month is more "happening" (Singaporean slang) than SL and I really have nothing to blog about for SL right now, lemme satisfy you stalkersreaders (if I still have any left after my absence) with a RL photo.

That's me on my 30th birthday. Doing what women love best - shopping. In Hong Kong. It explains my absence. Yay, I am 30!

Of course, I might have wished that I would look more like this for my grand 30s.

Alas, the truth is never what we think we want. The good news is, I enjoy that. Aging, learning, still growing. Hopefully not horizontallyalways improving. Understanding myself better and deeper.

Maybe, just maybe, life is only just beginning. :)

Happy Holidays.

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08 December 2011

Impressed, no?

This is KittyCats, the guy who created the um, KittyCatS.

Yes, he was in my home! He visited me! OMG HE CAME HE CAME.

I am totally fangirling him, although there was probably only work in his mind. His intelligent script-literate brain was concerned with figuring out some scripting issues. My not-that-intelligent (Script? What script?) brain was more concerned with figuring out how to capture the pics at the right moment, which was when his nose glowed.

I kept sneaking up behind him, err, nevermind. What? Rainbow is in fashion!

But I have to say that I am impressed by how serious KittyCatS are about resolving issues. I didn't expect such initiative for an issue that I did not file a ticket for. (All I did was start a topic thread in their forum. Oops.) But I swear I would have filed the tic and make himthem work just as hard if it means nothing but to get him to visit meif I didn't fall sick and decided to take things easy in SL for a while. I am lazyeasygoing like that.

Anyhoo, he came. AND HE BROUGHT KIBBLE WITH HIM. Woohoo~

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05 December 2011

The Confession (sort of)

I have mentioned before that December is a month of reflection for me. This month this year, I feel more alive than I've ever had for the past... 18 months?

It was around 18 months ago when I felt the sudden effects of my burnout in RL. Coincidentally close to the time that I discovered SL, I've since spent most of my free time hiding in SL. SL was an escape that allowed me to breathe and stay afloat.

That is not to say that my RL sucks. Contrarily it is actually pretty good. Sure, things had been difficult, but I treasure my life and it was looking better and better. But I think I overdid myself and my body gave out. I lost interest in the many things I wanted (and still want) to do, and my body protested by falling sick all. the. freaking. time.

Bit by bit, I had to let go of my duties and projects. I tried to sleep more. I tried to work less. I feel better now, but I have not recovered. I have one final step to take. Or a few steps.

But I already feel alive, because I am starting to plan again. I am not ready to share my plans yet, but I will when the time is right.

I know what I need, and I am going to do it.

Posted by Tashi Core
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