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19 June 2012

Just a thought.

Blogger's new user format seems a bit buggy and I have trouble writing up new posts. I threw a single word "test" (because I am polite), published the "test" post, and then reverted to draft so that I can edit and write. So if you checked in earlier and found no new post, it's Blogger's fault and not mine.

I am behaving like I have PMS. Oh right, I do. No wonder I have an urge to write.

And why Blogger change my ".com" to ".sg"??? Why must insist the whole world know I am from Singapore? WHY??? I am a Second Life avatar afterall mah, I want pretend to be more international, can?

Which, brings us irrelevantly to my topic today. A Singaporean acquaintance in SL told my not-so-new-by-now Singaporean friend that Singaporeans are so "straight" in SL and talking to them is like returning to RL. Therefore, he prefers not to mingle as much with our bunch.

He was just stating an observation and not being horrid. But dude, where do you want to escape to?

And why you think Singaporeans so "straight" that we are limited to RL har?

Hellooo, I am a vampire-lycan-hybrid and I breed prims that eat up all my lindens! I build houses and furniture! Or at least, I texture prims and link them together. Do you think I can ever be a carpenter in RL?

Debbie is a glam-glam high-fashion model!
Redice is in my clan and have you seen how whacky her AV looks?
Derek builds cable cars and trains! (So jealous.)
Feng has his own bloodlines like me!
Thomaas roleplays Gor!


I can't think of anything "straight" (other than sexual orientation but that is another story) or RL-like in our SLifes, thank you very much. Not scolding you hor, just pointing out that we have what you are looking for. If you simply don't like Singlish, I can recite the Tibetan alphabet. I am only not willing to be your Gorean slave though you can be mine.

"Strip and dance, you whore!" :D

At the end of the day, we can't run from who we are. Roleplay or not, our RL personalities and burdens seep in and determine what we choose to be in SL. I am not pointing fingers, just stating an observation too.

Posted by Tashi Core
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