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30 July 2010

I found the shop that sells my favorite bunny! :D

It is kinda restful to take a break from the bloodlines crap every now and then. :p

Today I am back to being Tashi, gawking at all the cute stuff like always. :D


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29 July 2010

Xylia's Portrait, and more RL Distraction

She was really designed with a lycan in mind, and the name "Xylia" means "of the forest". :/ Oh well, vampires can be of the forest too, right? :D

Xylia looks a little like Tashi but her facial features are slightly rounder and she is much smaller in size. The idea was to make her look cute but dress up a little wild. And I had better success in planning her appearance than Vivienne's, though Vivienne turned out really pretty.

Ok, I'll stop rambling.


Meanwhile, this was happening in RL.

Me: Dear all, I sent this on Monday to (dept's common email) but it seemed nobody received it, including myself. I am testing it again with a cc to everyone's individual email. Kindly note that (message to be noted).

R: hahahahahaah...nobody received it, including myself......hahahahaah

Me: eh, i really got send ok. but no proof... except for my super duper memory. :(

R: ...............

Me: ...?

Y: Eh, but I got receive on Monday leh...

Me: Really? Yay, now I have real proof! :D

A: Noted.

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28 July 2010

Getting Vampirised

Let's go back to the start when I (Tashi) was unable to eject the stuck AV. I couldn't find a polite excuse to TP off yet, so I struck a conversation about BL since I had zoomed Dro's house and seen the BL vendor. Dro invited me to join him but I proposed an alt instead.

And because Dro is a guy, I set my condition straight. No SLex. Just to be clear you know. Dro suggested a lycan then, explaining that "vamps are for the bedroom". Good joke. Duh. Well, as long as no SLex is expected, I was game. And Xylia was created.

I ran off first because RL called. Then I came back as Xylia and got killed in the war. It wasn't planned but it saved Dro the trouble of killing me.

Anyway the process was quite boring and not worth photographing. I just hung around the vendor following instructions. Dro decided then that I would be a vampire, because it is cheaper when we didn't have to buy the lycan skin. :p

When William arrived, it was more fun but I didn't photograph him. To protect the innocent you know. I am a vampire with a conscience. :p

So err... pooof!

I am back from the dead. :D

Now that I am officially undead, Dro took me to his clan's castle Supremacy Dark. Lovely bloody waterfall here.

But I think vampire castles somehow messes with my brain. I never remember to take any pics when I was inside.

I found my brain at the rooftop, after I started fooling around with the DJ system.

See, I am really undead. My feet doesn't touch the ground.

Ok, I am just a shortie. :(

So, anyone wants a bite? ":[

Posted by Xylia Graycloud

27 July 2010

War at the Neigbour's (I'm a Victim!)

I had never spoken to my (Tashi's) neighbour Dro before this, although I had noticed his name as a constant presence near my home.

He IM-ed me suddenly asking if I could help with an AV that he couldn't seem to eject from his home no matter what he tried. Although I was not the registered tenant in my home and did not have such permissions, he got me over to see if I could do anything anyway. When he found that I couldn't do anything indeed, Dro brought over a bunch of other friends to help.

Since ejecting didn't work, it evolved into plenty of bombing and blasting and shooting.

Ok Bossymsv, your smoke bomb was damn impressive. Too bad I got ejected before I could take a pic. But you can be sure that I had a perfect visual impact of it. YOU RAWK.

Then there was Cuddles, with her machine gun that shoots pink pigs faster than any pig farm can breed itself.

After the pigs, Cuddlesthings got out of hand. SheEveryone started shooting all sorts of guns. I couldn't see clearly ok, look at all that mess. The stuck AV was almost forgotten.

Gawd, I wish I had a weapon too.

That's Cuddles trying to look innocent, and me (Xylia) at the back trying not to get hit.

I believe I died from getting crushed by the red balls. Dro had to save me by turning me into a vampire. It was a good thing that he was already undead. (Help, I live next door to a monster!)

When all the bombs and guns and pink pigs and red balls didn't work, Dro decided to can the AV with his game machine.

Finally the landlord was activated to clear up the problem (the stuck AV, not the stray bullets). By then everyone had fled, except for me and Dro. Did I mention that I was a casualty and Dro was trying to save me? Yeah, so, well, anyway, William the landlord arrived before I rose from the dead. And I got ejected again because William thought it was me. I couldn't blame him though, the AV in question was canned up and not very visible. But my corpse was babbling away and kinda prancing around the house. Oh well. Waa... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I cannot stop laughing whenever I think about it.

I got pulled into a war and died and blasted away twice out of the blue! Thanks Dro, really. Joke of the year.

RIP, me.

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26 July 2010

One Hell of a SL week

I was out from work (again) nursing a fever, cough and flu. So I was fully into SL during my non-zombie hours for the past 4 days. I am not sure if I regret some of it, though lovely things did happen. But man, I've had to stomach more drama during the 4 days than I ever had in months of both my RL and SL. To think I came to SL to get some peace...

First there was the hilarious war that my neighbour Dro somehow dragged me into at his house, which I will blog about tomorrow.

And then there were my alts Vivienne Eiren and Xylia Graycloud, who both joined BL. Vivienne is now a blood doll and Xylia is a confused vampire who thinks she might be a lycan. Yeah Dro, LOL.

There was also my first ever argument in SL, which is kind of personal to post in this blog for the sake of the new friend. Which is fine, because I also get to skip over the part that is my fault. :p I honestly can't remember the last time I had an argument of this sort though, even in RL. (Ok ok, I believe you. *rolls eyes when you are not looking* *grins*)

The best part of all, which I saved for last but is not the least, and apart from getting to spend some time with Karen and Coral (Carlotta, I miss you! Come back soon~), is to catch up with lovely Sashia again. A potential new shopping buddy is foreseen in my SL future. *giggles*

What I can't fully make sense of is that I actually asked Karen for a RL pic... of her sister's dog. Rather than of her. I think I may need therapy.

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23 July 2010

Catching Up

Went out fooling around with Coral yesterday. That carousel-thingy belongs to Coral and not the Butterdish shop. Haha.

It was wonderful to catch up and spend some quality time with her. The time difference can sometimes make it difficult for us.

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22 July 2010

Rawking AV 5

The Stiletto Moody freebie heels are a must-get. They are not only gorgeous, they are also burntproof. Evidence below. :p

And erm, no prizes if you guess who this Rawking AV is.

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20 July 2010

SL is letting out the kid in me.

Don't get me? Let's take a look.

This is my AV when I was less than 2 weeks old in SL.

It is pretty much a version of what I wish I look like in RL.

I loved SL for the potential it could bring out from me. And I aspired to be a glamour queen and to take on some sort of glorious roleplay.


And this is my most recent pic, taken about two months later.

No, I didn't flip it by accident.

I was really upside-down.

It is pretty much what you get from me nowadays. I have difficulty staying normal. But where can I wear that hair and hang like that and still look cool? I mean, I do hope that I look cool.

And where can I crash a racing car into my neighbor's house without killing myself? *looks pointedly at Carlotta* *blinks* :p

I think I might wind up as a SL clown instead...

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19 July 2010

Penguin! Penguin!

I actually giggled at the cuteness of this fella. He didn't notice me though, he was very focused with his work.

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16 July 2010

It could be worse, right?

I bought a new computer last night. After putting it up, I found that there were problems connecting to IE. :(

We initially thought that it was a connection problem (my brother thinks the modem may be faulty) but SL worked just fine... :p In fact, SL worked much better than I ever had. So I am hoping that it is just an IE setting problem.

I'll really hate to have to return it to the shop and spend my weekend computerless. :(

More troubleshooting tonight.

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14 July 2010

My Computer Died.

I'll be SL-less until I either fix or replace it.


Of all times, Stiletto Moody must give out a freebie now. And there are the Eva boots from the Under The Sea hunt that I wanted to do. Ugh.


And I have no more material for my blog now. I can't get more because I don't have access to a computer that can log me into SL. :(

Blogging is temporary suspended. :~(

Maybe I'll try to find some RL things to post.

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13 July 2010

Just Fooling Around

I found a photobooth across the street from the Dekade Shop.

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12 July 2010

Guess what this is?!

It's my new room! Woohoo!!

Ok, technically it belongs to Karen since she's shelling out for all the rent and refusing to let me pay a single Linden. She moved into a big house and it had a lot of space so she gave me one of her rooms to play in. This will be my room until she throws me out. :p

What do you think? :D

Lovely, right? Say yes, or I'll make you answer to Karen.

Anyway I love love loveee it! It is connected to both balconies of the house, which means I can fly right in and jump right out.

Ok, out of point.

But still, totally awesome!!!

I couldn't get enough of it. :D :D :D

Here's what you get when you peek through my window glass. AV not included.

Actually I love the rest of our house too, but I better not let myself think too much about it or I'll eventually turn it into a freak show of some sort. I'd gotten Carlotta over to drop a jellyfish and a shark, but I swear we didn't do it on purpose. It's a bit complicated to explain though. :p

I also spent my weekend running around looking for teddies and bunnies for my room but I ended up having to stop myself from trying to buy a giant crab. Well, Karen's reaction helped a lot in changing my mind. :p She bought an aquarium though. And she liked the shark. We may have a few sharks swimming around our house in future.

And this is our neighbourhood.

I sincerely hope that my neighbours like me, and the giant scheme that I am hoping Karen will let me do up for our roof.

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09 July 2010

Rawking AV 4

I love her pose and props. I have no idea what she was talking about though. She's Japanese.

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07 July 2010

Uh, The Beach

So uh, I dragged Karen to the beach at Brazil Rio last weekend.

Karen was really wearing a cute pink dress and not this mismatched green-pink combo, which my computer somehow picked up. :/

See this, Karen? :p

So uh, we went underwater and she crashed. And I waited.

I entertained myself by admiring my AV's body. I am resigned to the fact that I will never have such a shape in RL.

Then she came back.

And I uh, made her stand still so that I could take more pictures.

Meanwhile a couple of AVs came near to check us out, including a weirdly colored batman. But my photography skill is so good that I missed them all out in my pics.

Gawd, I gotta get me some storytelling talent. :(

Posted by Tashi Core
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