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31 December 2011

I'm sure we make sense.

Karen: I was surprised at one of a waterfall.
Karen: For some reason I thought you were flattish
Karen: I mean, Singapore was flattish


Karen: ah, I think there was a bird of some sort involved
Me: should be the bird park then
Karen: Or an orchid
Me: ...
Karen: You know how easily those two things are confused
Karen: You know, one being a fast-moving flying object
Karen: and the other being a bird
Me: ...
Me: a fast-moving flying orchid?
Karen: what, you're telling me yours don't? borrrrring
Me: i mean, that's a great idea

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25 December 2011

Oh yeah, right. Merry Christmas!

It was a good time for me to disappear. And for you to miss me. (Finally! She's stopped ranting and gone away.)

I don't have much about SL to tell you right now except that I should really bring myself together and start building. Soon.

In RL, I should really bring myself together and start de-cluttering my room. Soon.

Given that my RL this month is more "happening" (Singaporean slang) than SL and I really have nothing to blog about for SL right now, lemme satisfy you stalkersreaders (if I still have any left after my absence) with a RL photo.

That's me on my 30th birthday. Doing what women love best - shopping. In Hong Kong. It explains my absence. Yay, I am 30!

Of course, I might have wished that I would look more like this for my grand 30s.

Alas, the truth is never what we think we want. The good news is, I enjoy that. Aging, learning, still growing. Hopefully not horizontallyalways improving. Understanding myself better and deeper.

Maybe, just maybe, life is only just beginning. :)

Happy Holidays.

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08 December 2011

Impressed, no?

This is KittyCats, the guy who created the um, KittyCatS.

Yes, he was in my home! He visited me! OMG HE CAME HE CAME.

I am totally fangirling him, although there was probably only work in his mind. His intelligent script-literate brain was concerned with figuring out some scripting issues. My not-that-intelligent (Script? What script?) brain was more concerned with figuring out how to capture the pics at the right moment, which was when his nose glowed.

I kept sneaking up behind him, err, nevermind. What? Rainbow is in fashion!

But I have to say that I am impressed by how serious KittyCatS are about resolving issues. I didn't expect such initiative for an issue that I did not file a ticket for. (All I did was start a topic thread in their forum. Oops.) But I swear I would have filed the tic and make himthem work just as hard if it means nothing but to get him to visit meif I didn't fall sick and decided to take things easy in SL for a while. I am lazyeasygoing like that.

Anyhoo, he came. AND HE BROUGHT KIBBLE WITH HIM. Woohoo~

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05 December 2011

The Confession (sort of)

I have mentioned before that December is a month of reflection for me. This month this year, I feel more alive than I've ever had for the past... 18 months?

It was around 18 months ago when I felt the sudden effects of my burnout in RL. Coincidentally close to the time that I discovered SL, I've since spent most of my free time hiding in SL. SL was an escape that allowed me to breathe and stay afloat.

That is not to say that my RL sucks. Contrarily it is actually pretty good. Sure, things had been difficult, but I treasure my life and it was looking better and better. But I think I overdid myself and my body gave out. I lost interest in the many things I wanted (and still want) to do, and my body protested by falling sick all. the. freaking. time.

Bit by bit, I had to let go of my duties and projects. I tried to sleep more. I tried to work less. I feel better now, but I have not recovered. I have one final step to take. Or a few steps.

But I already feel alive, because I am starting to plan again. I am not ready to share my plans yet, but I will when the time is right.

I know what I need, and I am going to do it.

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22 November 2011

Gorean? Me? Are you sure?

An aspect of SL that has always fascinated me is the Gorean RP. However, I didn't mention it because I decided to let other things distract me. I didn't do Gor for a few reasons.

1. I don't do SLex. I know I know, Gorean RP is not all SLex. I am just answering the stereotype. I can still RP as a free woman, but free women sounds about as interesting as the statistics I generate monthly on a deadline at work.

2. The limited research I've been able to do on Gorean RP makes it sound like an intensive commitment that I cannot afford.

3. I suck at RP. (I joined a bloodlines horde and turned into a vampire-lycan hybrid only to end up breeding a farm of KittyCatS in their SIM.) (Between Karen and I, we have about 100 of those Linden-eating monsters but we just can't quit. If you think that bloodlines is the horror story of SL, try breedables.) (Sashia still loves me, cats and all.) (I've digressed.)

4. At one point, I got interested enough to create an alt to "test waters" in Gor. I got as far as dressing her up. After that, I didn't know where to start. *ahem*

And then... fast forward to about 2 weeks ago.

Thomaas is a Singaporean (yes, the rare creature!) Gorean RP-er. He approached and invited me to RP with him as a free woman. But while I watched him attempt to persuade more Singaporeans to start a Gorean RP group with him, questions started forming in my mind. What do we say to each other for our lines?

As everyone (SL Singapore group) bantered easily with each other, I tried out the first few lines that came to mind.

Tashi Core throws up both hands and cry father cry mother, "O, Tee-gong! Please help me! My life berry bitter! I need to strike toto!"

I managed to shut everyone up for a few seconds. Then the conversation continued like I had never interrupted. And I continued like I had never interrupted.

("4D also can. Please, Tee-gong?")

I'll just say that I was able to exit that conversation without getting hammered, because SL Singaporeans are mostly awesome. And I won't tell you how cheesy those lines really are, because SL Singaporeans are mostly awesome and they won't give me away. :D

It struck me then that I should not be making up my lines on the spot until I am familiar with the Gorean environment, so I went googling for Gorean scripts. I am not one to be deterred. You are welcome.

And I found this website. Unfortunately, I didn't get past the first 2 quotes about slaves because I had to clean up the coffee I spat over my keyboard.

Now that I'm done with the cleaning, let's take a look at what I found:

1. "It is strange," he said, "I have faced sleen and the steel of fierce enemies. I am a warrior, and am high among warriors. Yet you, a mere girl, would conquer me with a smile and a tear." ~ (Slave Girl of GOR , page 424)

2. The Goreans have a saying, "There are only two kinds of women, slaves, and slaves." ~ {Kajira of Gor - 137}

And you want to know what made me spit my kopicoffee? If this were done in the Singaporean way, it would be:

1. "Funny," he said, "I see b4 the sleen and steel of enemies, sibeh powderful one ok. I am a warrior, berry high somemore. But you, a meer zabor, can conker me wif just 1 chio smile and... please can dun cry?"

2. The Singaporeans got a saying, "There are only 2 types of zabor, ahlians, and chow ahlians."

I am sure Thomaas would find me the most talented RP-er in his RP group.

Either that, or I best stick to breeding KittyCatS.

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17 November 2011

I didn't even talk about it.

I promise I didn't stop blogging because of this. The truth is, I made this omg-what-did-I-do-what-will-I-do-why-did-I-even-think-of-it-I-must-be-out-of-my-mind-but-I-think-I-am-really-going-to-do-it sort of major RL decision last week and I blew my own mind off and went into some kind of a retarded state.

But that wasn't what I planned to talk about. The RL thing can come later when I am ready to tell, if I am ever going to be ready to tell. I was just saying that what I am going to talk about has nothing to do with the fact that I didn't blog for the past 2.5 weeks.

What was I talking about?

Oh, right. I had a stalker. Had, because I hope it is over and I don't want to have to do anything nastier. It is my usual style, if I have any style in the first place, to simply ignore people that irritate me in SL. I mean, why spare them the attention? I can't be bothered.

So, I was irritated by this guy. He picked my name from a group, IM-ed me and rubbed me wrong from our first conversation.

Because you know, you can totally chat someone up and demand to know their gender as your opening topic without first reading their profile. And defend yourself by saying that people lie in their profiles. So, yup. Since I lied in my profile, but you still "prefer to hear the lies straight from the horse's mouth" (thereby implying that I am a horse) (yes, I am quoting him directly), you shall have me there. I am really a man in disguise. I mean a horse.

Sorry horses, I am not the one insulting you. I actually think that you are honest and loyal. Oh, and men too. Some men anyway. ;p

Then you can proceed to demand for the RL age, occupation, marital status and number of children of your err, subject of friendliness. But you refuse to share anything about yourself when your questions are turned back at you.

When your victim of friendliness tries politely (yes, still polite) to end the conversation, you can ask for an email, get what you ask for, and doubt immediately that the email given to you is real. I am a horse/man (can't make up my mind) as well as a liar, so I am pretty sure the email I gave you was a fake. It is as good as fake anyway when I don't intend to reply yours.

3 unanswered emails and 3 unanswered IMs later and on one fine lovely day, dude found his way into my skybox. I swear I broke into cold sweat as I watched him pace about dangerously in one of my rooms. I just knew that once he discovered how to open that door, there would be NOTHING TO STOP HIM FROM CLIMBING OUT OF MY COMPUTER SCREEN. Since he didn't try to explain his intentions, I must be right! and he must have been very focused in trying to figure out where my screen was.

I did what any woman/horse would do in a panicked situation. When things came to a point where it was either fight or die, you fight. Or die. Obviously. So I right-clicked him and ejected.

I don't know how he found my place but I know it can be done if someone tries hard enough. When I was finally able to catch my breath, I gave him a warning and moved on. What else could I do?

I liked to think that my warning taught him something though. Because he actually asked for permission the next time he wanted to visit again. I didn't reply because I had fainted.

*I shall refrain from naming him here if I can help it. I was extremely irritated, but I am guessing that this is a very young boy who may eventually be able to learn better manners. I just do not have the patience and it is not my job to guide or teach him. I thought about it for a while and then decided to blog because I still want to let known that I will not continue to tolerate this. If he reads this, I hope he will "get" it and move on to better things. And be more polite to others in future.

Update on 20 Nov: He has disturbed others in the group. A bunch of us are starting to hang out recently and we gossipedupdated with our stories. The groupowner was among us today, so he is now banned. Lalala.

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24 October 2011

Karen and I had an argument. :p

The first week we opened our mainstore, I wanted a crazy! stupid! mega! sale! and she didn't. So she gave in.

The second week, she wanted a crazy! stupid! mega! sale! and I didn't. So she gave in.

(Are we seeing a pattern here or is it just me?)

I suppose you may be wondering why we are still besties. It is because we practiced yoga while we were arguing.

Not really. It is only because she is awesome. *hugs*

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20 October 2011

Grey and Invisible Talking

Me: yo!
Me: you are grey!
Redice: hello!
Redice: u are invisible!
Me: yay~~~

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17 October 2011

Coriander Cooperative Mainstore is Open!

And I am sleepy. I should stop blogging on Mondays. I mean, blogging on Mondays used to be a cheer from the worst day of my week. Nowadays my brain, if I have any left, is just dead on this day.

I've digressed.

Here's a picture of our shop.

It's in Eturnal Night, right next to the...


What? I am a vampire!

We have a sale this week! And cute stuff! CLICK HERE! And erm, read Karen's notecard! (There is a reason why I am not the marketing officer for my business.)

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10 October 2011

I am stalling.

It has been a crazy time but I am not ready yet.

Hint of what I was doing is in this pic.
(click here!)

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29 September 2011

Photoshoot 22b

So the other day, Sashia made a dress and decided to make me her model.

I was like, "Noooooooooo..."

Yeah, right.

I mean really, I am not a model.

Is this pose ok?

But later I thought, "Fine, as long as you are happy."

I might have twisted my ankle again.

But I am now a model! :p

If you like, you can click here to check out the dress on Marketplace.

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22 September 2011

Business Lessons

1. Do NOT pay someone else's rent by mistake.

2. It helps to read their names first before you start blabbering things to the wrong person in IM.

3. Spell people's names correctly, for goodness sake.

4. Decorating your stall in green and talking to your RL dog about vegetables (don't ask) at the same time ends up with you thinking of vegetables everytime you look at your greenish stall. And of course, it doesn't help that your business is named as a vegetable in the first place.

5. Do not tell your customers that prices are negotiable until you learn the art and skill of negotiation.

6. Just keep quiet and let Karen do the talking.

(click here)

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19 September 2011

We rented a stall!

Welcome to our (half-empty) stall!
Click Here! Click Here!

It's only set up halfway but there are some cats for sale. I would tell you more but right now I am at work and downright exhausted. It has something to do with a blue Monday. Come visit anyway.

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15 September 2011

Cat Butt

I am feeling lame.

I caught this pic the other day, stuck it into my fb album and I consider the responses quite... positive. It didn't take the world by storm but nevermind. I have decided to post it here as well, for you to admirehave a laugh. I mean, in case you think it's funny. Or something.

The victim's name has been omitted to protected his identity.

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12 September 2011

How to make a megaprim?

Me: how did you stretch that?
Karen: I just... stretched it
Me: we usually can't stretch anything to be more than 10m, right?
Karen: oh no, that changed a while ago
Karen: the 10m limit is gone
Me: didn't work for me :(
Karen: I think you have to be the owner?
Me: sorry i spoiled your prim
Me: lol
Karen: you didn't spoil it, lol
Karen: It's just a stupid flat prim
Me: still didn't work for me
Me: hmmm
Karen: er, you might want to tp home :D
Me: is there any special setting you have that i don't?
Karen: I think I just smashed us through the skybox floor
Me: i am safe and sound :D
Karen: Perhaps I have Magikul powurrs
Me: ...
Me: there's nothing like a megaprim to keep me awake at night
Karen: but no, I am looking through my settings and I don't see "make big honking prims" checked anywhere
Karen: as far as i know they just changed the 10x10x10 limit
Me: blah, will check it out tomorrow

So... how do I make a megaprim???

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08 September 2011

I am getting serious.

Yeah. Seriously.

Karen and I have decided to set up shop. We will be selling KittyCatS and various other things that we made. But for now it is only cats, and more cats.

We have not decided to get a real shop in-world yet. Very likely we will start with a kitty stall and the marketplace. We will also be posting our sale items on our blog. Do visit regularly for our goodies!

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04 September 2011

Talking to prims (part II)

Me: karenjit is actually rather boring. i may take her back to inventory if the cats go out of ctrl
Redice: ya
Redice: i talk to her though. when u are not around
Me: does she respond?
Redice: she doesn't respond
Redice: that's why i only talk to her when u are not around
Me: ...

Guess I should leave her out afterall.

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29 August 2011


The thing about living with... oh, nevermind.

I have already ranted quite a bit on fb about how my computer got interfered with and is now hospitalised and awaiting diagnosis. I am now using an old spare Chinese computer that is somehow banned from logging into SL.

The good news is that words spread very fast in fb, and my Eturnal Night family have offered to help ensure that my cats don't starve and can even continue to breed while I wait things out and (try not to) plot my revenge since I have nothing better to do with my free time now. Thanks Karen, Oracle and Sashia! I promise to come up with a good revengeget a nice break and come back as good as gold.

I am still ranting.

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25 August 2011

There was a cat.

He was a gigantic ginger cat (twice the size of my dog) and he belonged to my best friend's mum. They named him Haolian ("boastful") because, dunno, he was probably boastful.

He was like the dog they never had. He cared, he enjoyed, he feared, he loved, he suspected and he worried. His personality was bigger than his... obesity. And being the alpha of the 3 cats in their family, he took on the duty of being a role model for the second copy-cat and the third cat that they (the cats, not the humans) bullied.

He was the subject of much laughter and provided unconditional happiness to his family. Every mention of him would bring a stifled giggle or smile to my best friend and her mum.

It was some kind of a growth in his ear at first. It led to a medical check that diagnosed him with kidney failure. He didn't last long. He passed away suddenly yesterday at an old but not that old age of 12.

At this point I don't know what I should say anymore. I am not one who can speak when my emotions are fresh. I may not know this cat too well personally, but I've heard so much about him. He is as real to me as if he was almost mine. And it hurts.

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15 August 2011

Did you say that breedables are too expensive?

Me: or i'll buy the 300l cat
Me: *3000l
Me: see i must be dreaming
Karen: I know, right?
Karen: what am I thinking, paying $10 usd for a cat that ... doesn't poop ..... and doesn't ever need the vet ....... and doesn't shred the curtains .....
Karen: wait. It's starting to sound like a real bargain

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09 August 2011

Happy National Day, Singapore!

Redice and I celebrated by taking off our heads.

So I woke up with a headache today.

Erm, forget it. Just have a great day.

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08 August 2011

More KittyCatS Stunts

The annoyed.

The blobbed.

The dreamer.

The drowned.

The gossip.

The sleeping. *envy*

The stacking.

The swimmer!


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04 August 2011

So yeah, Karenjit.


Karenjit Kaur Core.

I granted me my wish by, well, you know. After some choosing, I finally got her after several failed attempts to close my eyes and click "Buy". I had to drag Karen along for a morale boost.

I am still not sure that getting her was the right thing. She turned out to be not that creepy, but she's kinda weird. She played her piano all.night.long. I logged off when she was at her piano, got a whole night's sleep, and logged in to find her still at it. Is my kiddo a budding musician prim?

Was it my fault for not giving her a crib and her teddy? But those are quite primmy! *hints Zooby* And teddy is ugly, to top it off. *hints again Zooby*

And since I am hinting, I might as well add that I hope the babies can get some skin options one day. I was eyeing the vampire skin for Morgan (Zooby knows what I am talking about) and wishing I could use it on Karenjit. Just sometimes.

I am going to skip dinner tonight to make up for the money I blew on Karenjit.

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01 August 2011

My SLife is now consumed by prims that move.

I was about to post something about KittyCatS again when I realised how boring I am. BORING.

Then I realised that the RL me has finally crept into SL. The quiet, withdrawn me who doesn't usually want to say anything. Sure, I can be chirpy. Sure, I can chat (sometimes). But like RL, I am starting to keep mostly to myself. And spend my time watching over prims that look like cats.

Anyway. I am thinking of getting a prim baby now. Erm, yes I think they are creepy. I love creepy. But why the hell are they so expensive?

I have no idea where I am going with this post.

It's Monday, you are probably blue, and I am green. I didn't want to talk about cats, but I did. I want a prim baby.

Ok, I think that's about it. I need coffee.

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21 July 2011

KittyCatS Stunts

Conspiring to run away.

Walking through walls.

Multi-cat cuddle = Creepy.

I don't know what to say for this one.

Posted by Tashi Core
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