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29 August 2011


The thing about living with... oh, nevermind.

I have already ranted quite a bit on fb about how my computer got interfered with and is now hospitalised and awaiting diagnosis. I am now using an old spare Chinese computer that is somehow banned from logging into SL.

The good news is that words spread very fast in fb, and my Eturnal Night family have offered to help ensure that my cats don't starve and can even continue to breed while I wait things out and (try not to) plot my revenge since I have nothing better to do with my free time now. Thanks Karen, Oracle and Sashia! I promise to come up with a good revengeget a nice break and come back as good as gold.

I am still ranting.

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25 August 2011

There was a cat.

He was a gigantic ginger cat (twice the size of my dog) and he belonged to my best friend's mum. They named him Haolian ("boastful") because, dunno, he was probably boastful.

He was like the dog they never had. He cared, he enjoyed, he feared, he loved, he suspected and he worried. His personality was bigger than his... obesity. And being the alpha of the 3 cats in their family, he took on the duty of being a role model for the second copy-cat and the third cat that they (the cats, not the humans) bullied.

He was the subject of much laughter and provided unconditional happiness to his family. Every mention of him would bring a stifled giggle or smile to my best friend and her mum.

It was some kind of a growth in his ear at first. It led to a medical check that diagnosed him with kidney failure. He didn't last long. He passed away suddenly yesterday at an old but not that old age of 12.

At this point I don't know what I should say anymore. I am not one who can speak when my emotions are fresh. I may not know this cat too well personally, but I've heard so much about him. He is as real to me as if he was almost mine. And it hurts.

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15 August 2011

Did you say that breedables are too expensive?

Me: or i'll buy the 300l cat
Me: *3000l
Me: see i must be dreaming
Karen: I know, right?
Karen: what am I thinking, paying $10 usd for a cat that ... doesn't poop ..... and doesn't ever need the vet ....... and doesn't shred the curtains .....
Karen: wait. It's starting to sound like a real bargain

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09 August 2011

Happy National Day, Singapore!

Redice and I celebrated by taking off our heads.

So I woke up with a headache today.

Erm, forget it. Just have a great day.

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08 August 2011

More KittyCatS Stunts

The annoyed.

The blobbed.

The dreamer.

The drowned.

The gossip.

The sleeping. *envy*

The stacking.

The swimmer!


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04 August 2011

So yeah, Karenjit.


Karenjit Kaur Core.

I granted me my wish by, well, you know. After some choosing, I finally got her after several failed attempts to close my eyes and click "Buy". I had to drag Karen along for a morale boost.

I am still not sure that getting her was the right thing. She turned out to be not that creepy, but she's kinda weird. She played her piano all.night.long. I logged off when she was at her piano, got a whole night's sleep, and logged in to find her still at it. Is my kiddo a budding musician prim?

Was it my fault for not giving her a crib and her teddy? But those are quite primmy! *hints Zooby* And teddy is ugly, to top it off. *hints again Zooby*

And since I am hinting, I might as well add that I hope the babies can get some skin options one day. I was eyeing the vampire skin for Morgan (Zooby knows what I am talking about) and wishing I could use it on Karenjit. Just sometimes.

I am going to skip dinner tonight to make up for the money I blew on Karenjit.

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01 August 2011

My SLife is now consumed by prims that move.

I was about to post something about KittyCatS again when I realised how boring I am. BORING.

Then I realised that the RL me has finally crept into SL. The quiet, withdrawn me who doesn't usually want to say anything. Sure, I can be chirpy. Sure, I can chat (sometimes). But like RL, I am starting to keep mostly to myself. And spend my time watching over prims that look like cats.

Anyway. I am thinking of getting a prim baby now. Erm, yes I think they are creepy. I love creepy. But why the hell are they so expensive?

I have no idea where I am going with this post.

It's Monday, you are probably blue, and I am green. I didn't want to talk about cats, but I did. I want a prim baby.

Ok, I think that's about it. I need coffee.

Posted by Tashi Core
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