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27 December 2012

It's Reflection Month again.

This month marks my 3rd RL birthday and Christmas in SL. Time flies.

December is a special month for Karen and I. It is both our birthdays, Christmas and her rezzday. But this month, Karen is not in SL for personal reasons. Apart from missing her, I cannot help feeling that this is it. My little escapade in SL is sort of over. It is time to start wrapping up.

I'm not sure if it is time yet to disclose my little secret on this blog. There are lots of emotions coursing through me now, because that time is nearing for my long-awaited plans to start happening. It involves a dramatic change in my RL, and leaving SL for a while. It is going to be the best thing that I will achieve in my life so far, but I am looking at the good things going on right now that I have to let go of and feeling a little sad. And worried.

I am at a loss for the right words. The truth is that words can't describe how I really feel. Maybe if they could, I wouldn't feel the need to talk at all.

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29 October 2012

It's not difficult to put 2 and 2 together.

This post is very brief and late because I have been RL busy. What's new?

Busy includes a 3-day-2-night holiday to Phuket Thailand, which I didn't tell anyone in SL about because I came back before anyone noticed I was missing. That's about how interactive I am in SL these days. On a side note, I ran off with plans to indulge in food and a spa, but I ended up indulging in... shopping. I am surprised at how much there is to buy in Phuket, which is not exactly a good thing for my pocket. And the food is no longer as good as they used to be. :(

SL is pretty much the same, other than this LOSER who used a female alt to try to get horny with me (and a female friend and possibly a few others), as if a female AV can attract a straight woman when a male AV can't. I won't go into detail since I'll like him to keep guessing at how he got sussed out. You know dude, there is a thing called IP address, and some SIMs that you TP to are actually capable of getting yours? Keep it up dude, deny it all. How anonymous are you really? *ahem*

I am secretly hoping he gets an anxiety fit, because stupid things do catch up one day. And I do love talking in riddles.

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13 September 2012

I've been busy.

British Prince William and Duchess Kate were visiting in Singapore for the last 2 days in my RL. Therefore, I've been busy.

Busy cracking up.


I am so proud of you, Singapore. For... trying this hard. I mean, which Singaporean doesn't like to exercise? Under the sun. 3.45pm. Any Singaporean in their right mind would absolutely do that if they could. Everyday. Especially if kids get to skip school at 3.45pm.

Love my country
Tashi Core

10 August 2012

Long time no see...

Hi there hi there, just popping in randomly to update as usual. If anyone still comes back here to look at all.

Things are going well, and I am waiting patiently for the right time to execute my plans. Meanwhile I am taking gradual and bigger steps to return my focus to RL. For those of you who do not know and you probably don't, my burnout was deep enough for me to give up my RL social life almost completely. If not for my best friend R who, oh nevermind what she did or I'll be plotting revenge, I might have withdrawn completely and it would have been a lot more difficult to keep check with reality.

So anyway, I found that a good way to start looking like a human again is to... start looking like a human again.

Life is wonderful when the first big step you need to take is to go shopping. More than once. You know you have gotten really shoddy when your mother sees you bringing home endless bags of new clothes and encourages you to keep it up without a question about how much money you spent.

I look prettier now than I was last month. :D

Also, quite by err, accident on my part and without going into too much detail, my friend U signed me up for a Bollywood dancing class which turned out to be rather embarassing. I achieved a foot cramp barely half an hour into the first class and was... not so successful in limping my way out without anyone noticing. I simply love to make a fool of myself, so I signed up for a full series of classes afterward. Maybe the fact that it might be a good idea to start exercising again contributed to my decision. Ok, that Indian guy at the counter is pretty cute too but I am not going to fight with U over him. Really. Friends are more important like that.

Having said everything about returning to RL, and being abrupt because I need to go back to work and also because this is my blog and I can, I do NOT plan to quit SL. It just has to take a backseat so that I can have a healthier balance.

Cheers, Tashi Core

11 July 2012

Photoshoot 23

Did this for "Miss Essence of PurpleMoon 2013". Hey, I think my photography has improved!

(selected for contest entry)
(selected for contest entry)

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19 June 2012

Just a thought.

Blogger's new user format seems a bit buggy and I have trouble writing up new posts. I threw a single word "test" (because I am polite), published the "test" post, and then reverted to draft so that I can edit and write. So if you checked in earlier and found no new post, it's Blogger's fault and not mine.

I am behaving like I have PMS. Oh right, I do. No wonder I have an urge to write.

And why Blogger change my ".com" to ".sg"??? Why must insist the whole world know I am from Singapore? WHY??? I am a Second Life avatar afterall mah, I want pretend to be more international, can?

Which, brings us irrelevantly to my topic today. A Singaporean acquaintance in SL told my not-so-new-by-now Singaporean friend that Singaporeans are so "straight" in SL and talking to them is like returning to RL. Therefore, he prefers not to mingle as much with our bunch.

He was just stating an observation and not being horrid. But dude, where do you want to escape to?

And why you think Singaporeans so "straight" that we are limited to RL har?

Hellooo, I am a vampire-lycan-hybrid and I breed prims that eat up all my lindens! I build houses and furniture! Or at least, I texture prims and link them together. Do you think I can ever be a carpenter in RL?

Debbie is a glam-glam high-fashion model!
Redice is in my clan and have you seen how whacky her AV looks?
Derek builds cable cars and trains! (So jealous.)
Feng has his own bloodlines like me!
Thomaas roleplays Gor!


I can't think of anything "straight" (other than sexual orientation but that is another story) or RL-like in our SLifes, thank you very much. Not scolding you hor, just pointing out that we have what you are looking for. If you simply don't like Singlish, I can recite the Tibetan alphabet. I am only not willing to be your Gorean slave though you can be mine.

"Strip and dance, you whore!" :D

At the end of the day, we can't run from who we are. Roleplay or not, our RL personalities and burdens seep in and determine what we choose to be in SL. I am not pointing fingers, just stating an observation too.

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29 May 2012

Thank you!

I am blogging at lunch again.

As is typical of me, I didn't notice that my blog has hit 10000 views until days later. Thank you for reading my nonsenseattempts at writing, whoever you are! :D

I know I have not been blogging much of SL lately and I would really like to do so more often, but I doubt you want to keep reading about me gushing over an 8-traited kitten with mysterious everything! And a chiffon peacock egg! Woot woot, how cool are those?? Aside from breeding, I did some building too but was too lazy to take pictures. Still, come visit Coriander Cooperative! We have new stuff! (And pardon the mess. It happens.)

SL is as restful as it was meant to be, but RL is definitely more interesting right now. I am sitting calmly at my desk (shoeless again because transparent lizards can only traumatise me for so long), munching my lunch, sipping milk tea and listening out very calmly. Someone is literally losing it and screaming everybody's heads off in a meeting room nearby. Someone else has consulted a psychiatrist, contacted the security and activated an ambulance. Everyone lucky enough not to have to be trapped in the meeting is gathered outside the room, ready to spring. They have been ready for the past hour. Oh, I just wonder what is going to happen next. And whether it will disrupt my scheduled boring meeting with an external consultant later. I hope so.

Speaking of which, I better get back to work.

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21 May 2012


WARNING: This post is not for the weak-minded! Or anyone too imaginative. Please do not read if you belong to either group, or... I will not be responsible for your therapy. It is more than traumatic enough taking care of mine.

I am trying not to shiver right now.

Um, ok. So. Those who heard my whining knows that I've been under some crazy stress at RL work lately, though that's only the background and not the nightmare. I wouldn't be blogging if not for said nightmare because I would be absorbed in the 451358421 tasks that are physically and virtually burying my workdesk.

So. I was all over the place all morning and could finally take a breather wayyy after lunch hour. I had cake (again) and tea and I took off my shoes. It was as good a time as any time when I can finally sit down to catch up with some paperwork.

And my toes touched something cold and soft. It felt almost gooey. I didn't know what it was, but I was intuitive enough to feel chilled.

I really didn't want to look down. But it would be worse to live with something cold and possibly gooey at my feet, right? So I took a deep breath... it wasn't so bad at first glance. It was something silvery and silvery things shouldn't be so bad, right? I mean, I couldn't see it clearly because it was dark down there. I don't usually shine a lamp under my desk, apparently. And, but, I had to pick it up. Because whatever it was, I shouldn't live with something cold and silvery and possibly gooey at my feet, right?

It was one very dead and very mangled transparent lizard. The eyes were quashed to one side and both the hind legs were missing. One front leg was sticking out like it was grabbing desperately for help that obviously never arrived. (Why was it cold? And transparent???)


I know I didn't step on it because it wasn't flattened. But I didn't roll my feet or shoes all over the floor too. Did I? :(


I used a napkin to remove it and found some other... remains that were... not legs.

My fingers and feet are still chilled. I just hope the office vacumn cleaner is strong enough for... whatever I didn't find.

I think I wanna cry.

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12 April 2012

It's about time to tell you again that I am still alive.

Ok, I am just bored. But life is worth celebrating. Just saying.

When you are buried under mountains of RL work, keeping your spirits up is an achievement that is cause for cheering. It may mean that you end up buying more cats in SL though. And birds. And trying to boink the wrong pixel species together. And exceeding prim limits. And sneaking around the internet during work hours to check out SL pictures.

But I have no pictures to show you until I get home from work. It's just lunch hour and I need to think about things that are far away from RL. I forgot to take my thumbdrive with me today, which is where I keep all my nonsense, including pictures and important work files. It doesn't explain why I am blogging now, but it will explain why an important work file won't be ready for my boss today. It's a good thing I've got so many deadlines my boss will either not remember or pretend not to remember.

Ok, I really came here to ramble, it seems. I better go eat something.

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01 March 2012

Boo! (a few updates... and whining)

So, yup. RLife and SLife are pretty exciting at the moment, and I thought I should let you know that I am still alive by rantingsharing some of it.

By exciting, I meant that I have moved in SL. All at once. My home has moved! My shop has moved! My cat stall at Juice Berry Farms has moved! (Just next door. Don't ask.) My cat stall at Alley Cats has moved! (Not that I had ever mention I have one. Now you know.) Come visit me here! And here! And here! And... I forgot to get a LM for Alley Cats. I'll update that into my sidebar when I get to it.

So you see, I am basically all over the place now. Another word for "exciting" is probably "stressful". I have insomnia at night (yes, only at night), so I lay awake hyperventilating and planning pixels. And control charts. Which brings us (not very smoothly) to what is so stressfulexciting in my RL.

I have recently been tasked to do up some serious charting at work in RL. It is so important that everyone in my department were told to leave me alone so that I can churn out charts in peace and in (very limited) time for my boss's boss's boss.

We are talking some 86721134354 charts using all kinds of formulae. Such as UCLp=p-bar+3(p-bar(1-p-bar))^(1/2)/(n-bar)^(1/2), if the samples are not necessarily of constant size and if n-bar-20%<=n<=n-bar+20%. If it is rejected because my boss's boss's boss does not want non-compliance charting, then the formula will be based on UCLx=x-bar+E2mr-bar, because UCLx-bar=x-barbar+A2r-bar does not work as r and r-bar cannot be 0 for the chart to work.

It's not that difficult.

I am only stuck at trying to figure out why the hell n=2 (not the same n in the previous formula) and how the hell I know n=2. But I know.

The problem is, there was no way I could have gotten out of this because:
1. When our consultant trainer taught us the charts, I didn't fall asleep as I should.
2. I pretended I knew what he was blabbering about by asking questions that probably sounded intelligent. If I were really intelligent, I would have known to shut up.
3. I have a degree in mathematics, and an A-Level in statistics. Not that I remember a thing my lecturers lectured. Now that I think about it, I wonder how I passed my exams.

So I have been charting for about a week. I am now at chart no.1.

And I end up staring at the computer screen and then blogging.

And no, this is not part of the exciting plan I was talking about in the previous post.

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31 January 2012

Taking A Break

I am taking a break from blogging.

Nothing happened. I am just distracted catching up with RL, which is A LOT to catch up on since I was in escape mode for the past couple of years. Apart from that, well, I am still in SL and breeding cats like the crazy woman I think I will always be.

This is a neutral decision. I've actually mapped out some exciting plans (for RL), but those must sadly wait. And test my patience until I blow up. Or breakdown. Or something. But no, nothing "interesting" happened and it is all neutral. :p

I'll admit that my recent mood swingchange of focus has affected my blog though. I've been pondering it's direction and lacking posts in the last few months because I had no idea what I wanted to write about anymore. This is an aspect that I need to iron out before I resume blogging.

Meanwhile, I have new little ventures that will keep me entertained.

Till the next update. Take care, and thank you for checking in. *BIG HUGS*

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18 January 2012

Because work is not boring. Not at all.

The Email (sent by a colleague from another dept):

"Dear Colleagues

The day has arrived! The (machine name) Magnet, the latest addition to the (company name) family has left its home in Germany and will be delivered to us tonight. If the weather holds, the magnet will be going into (dept name) after 12 midnight.

Tonight will not be like any other nights in (company name)! It will be a night of activities, starting at 2200hrs and stretching into the early hours of the morning.

You are welcome to join us if you could to witness the event.

Warmest regards and wishing all a Great Dragon Year ahead!"

So exciting! We are all invited to stay overnight at work to watch a machine arrive!

R: why party over one piece of magnet ah??

Me: must be a very big piece of magnet, that's why so important.

R: Think the magnet will be powerful enough to attract Iron Man.....

Me: we'll need helmets.

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03 January 2012

It only took a week.

One week of RL work to turn me back into a dingdong.

So I spent the New Year sticking jewellery into my face and thinking that it looked gorgeous. Until I woke up the next morning.

Who's kidding?

Posted by Tashi Core
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