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31 May 2010

New Friends

It has been quite a weekend. I made a couple of new friends and found a potential shopping partner in Carlotta.

Carlotta isn't exactly a new friend though, considering my SL age. We met in the NCI dressing room about maybe a fortnight ago. It all started when she complimented my skirt and I gave her the LM, thereby unleashing her into yet another freebie paradise. We'd hit it off since, err well, at least I thought we did. :p So we eventually started running around the shops together. I love her sense of humour. :)

And OMG she has been to my country Singapore in RL! Albeit it was just a transit at the airport. But she knew about the cactus garden! :/ It is supposed to be a famous garden in my own country's airport so let's pretend that I know all about it too, ok? Right. :D

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30 May 2010

Skip. Or not. Skip. Or not.

I was about to skip a post today when I decided to inform you that I am skipping a post, so I ended up not skipping a post.

Which is kind of cheating.

Sorry. I am having writer's block today. :(

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29 May 2010

To All Shop Owners

Many of you have lovely shops. And in many of your lovely shops there are many beautiful ponds or breathtaking water features of some sort.

They truly deserve the oohs and aahs, but...

May I request you to also put in some sort of barricade please? Or some special effect so that people can walk on them? Please??

I know it is totally my computer'sfault for falling into them. :(

But it doesn't do you good to have a customer embarassing herself in your shop too. :p

And I won't even mention the staircases...

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28 May 2010

Photoshoot 6

Ok, this isn't really in Valeria Castle, but very near. I am too lazy to find out exactly what the place is called. You get there by turning left from the TP point and going out the exit (in first photo below). You walk straight until you fall off the mountain. You should be able to find the ship somewhere there.

I tinted this shoot with the sunrise setting because I realized that my colors were a little conventional for interest. I quite like the feel of it although my photos became a bit dark.

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27 May 2010

Never say die...

Of course I didn't give up on the lucky chair.

I went to stalk the shop again last night until the region had to restart. I went back again this morning. I noticed that this chair loves Us and Ws. I should have named myself Udonmee. Or Wasabee.

Of course I didn't succeed.

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26 May 2010

Much to say, nothing to show.

I really had many things to blog about.

I wanted to share what Coral and I did last week when we hung out. I wanted to show her new house, which is heaps nicer (and more expensive of course) than her previous apartment.

I wanted to talk about me and Coral watching and giving fashion opinions as our friend Sa decided how she would look for her upcoming wedding.

And I wanted to exclaim my excitement that Coral got married! Yes, she got married! I have been in SL for barely a month and I am going to attend a wedding! Yaayyy! I am not sure when the wedding thingy will be though. Next year? :p Kidding.

And I wanted to lament over my first attempt at waiting (and waiting, and waiting) for a lucky chair last night.

I think I am jinxed. :( In RL lotteries and lucky draws hate me. I have never ever won a single prize in that way. Not even a toothbrush.

In SL lucky chairs hate me too. I hung around for 2 hours, and T and C didn't come out for that 2 hours. Not that I needed a C, but I think I may just be jinxed to that extent. Everyone came and went during those 2 hours, except for the Ts and Cs people who started looking like permanent residents.

I am sorry, all my Ts and Cs friends who were there last night. I hope it got better after I gave up. *sobs*

So much for the stirring times with no pictures to show.

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25 May 2010

Photoshoot 5

I have always loved RL Hong Kong. It was the first country I flew to once I was old enough to earn for my own holidays.

Finding Kowloon in SL came as a surprise to me, although it is nothing like the bustling RL Kowloon city that I know. In SL it appears to be some sort of depiction of the early 20th century. It is beautiful in a somewhat eerie way.

When I decided to do a shoot here, I was a little worried that I couldn't carry off the feel of the place. It was lame but I persisted in wearing this pearl-printed gown, simply because Hong Kong is known as "Pearl of the East". And I racked my brains and inventory for accessories to suit both the gown and the place.

The good news is: I end up still looking pretty much like myself.

The boring news is: I end up still looking pretty much like myself.


Distracted. Sorry.

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24 May 2010

I am not drunk. Truly.

Ok, now for the news.

Sometime over the weekend, I lost my mind, whisked out my card and bought some L$. To date I have spent almost L$3500. *faints*

There was only one item that I regretted buying - a L$700 dress for which quality didn't match up to price. The design is nice, it is the texture/workmanship that needs improvement. Oh well, I believe the designer did his/her best, but given the quality it shouldn't have been priced so high! :(

I will have to be careful checking the items out before making my purchases in future. It may only be a few measly RL dollars but it is hard-earned money paying for intangible items.

And speaking of quality, Designing Nicky Ree does an awesome job designing breathtaking dresses and gowns!

Ok, most of the gowns are quite expensive to me as I am really not sure about paying L$1000 or more for a virtual dress. But I am sure that a Nicky Ree dress will be worth every penny for someone with a willing budget.

I went through the rather cluttered mainstore, gaping at the magnificent dresses and their prices while losing my way around. Every now and then I would find a gorgeous dress/gown within my budget, so I had almost decided to buy something before I left. When I set my eyes on the lovely white Honey Gown for L$500, my mind was made. And after trying out my new purchase... I went back and bought the Honey Dress (knee-length version) for L$350 as well. :D I will always return to Nicky Ree as long as my budget allows.

Not that the other shops are not good. I think My Precious and Sascha's Designs are both doing fantastic jobs as well.

And My Precious' shop has a lovely flower-garden-like setting. I went to the fashion show on Saturday though everything turned up grey and my computer eventually crashed. Didn't log back in after that because it was after midnight in RL and time to sleep. Still, I supported by turning up at least once ok! Err well, not that they know me or anything. :p

By the way, sorry for my lack of pictures. Keeping up with SL can be exhausting enough without the additional job of taking photos. And I am thinking of alternating days between posts instead of posting daily now. Sorry, I am so interesting. :/ And tired. Thanks for tolerating my rant.

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23 May 2010

Peace to All

Today is a special day in RL. I shall not say why, but I have decided not to rant for the day.

In the midst of all the craziness that is both RL and SL, we can always make do with a little more peace and quiet. :)

Have a good day everyone.

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22 May 2010

Photoshoot 4b

The second location is the Candy Nail shop. I chose it because the backdrop totally suits the feel I was going for.

The shop sells some fabulous nails by the way. And I didn't say it because I was using their place, I really checked out some of their products. You can click here to see them for yourself.

I stopped after these pictures because a guy interrupted me and killed my mood. But I wasn't offended since he didn't ask for SLex. :p

I am already plotting my next shoot. Hmmm...

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21 May 2010

Photoshoot 4a

I was torn between 2 locations for this shoot. And then I realised what the heck TP time is only 2 seconds! I can do both places!


I went to Dutch Touch first.

Ok, I admit I chose the place for an excuse to come worship the Sjors skins again.

The L$3500 fat pack that has my favourite skin in it. *sniffs*

I found out later on that there is a L$1000 pack for my favourite Sjors - Cotton - Snow. I didn't recognise it because the face marketed for Sjors - Snow isn't in Cotton tone. Very sharp, me. But, yay!

Can you see how lovesick I am?

All that piningwork can be exhausting. So I am putting my feet up a bit before continuing my shoot in the next place.

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20 May 2010


Ok, I know I've done a horrible job with the photo-taking. You can click here for the posters. I realise that I should have just used the link instead of going in-world and clicking a million times to get a lousy photo. :/

Anyway, Frideswide.

It is both intricate and simple. And very versatile. I can obviously match it to a gown. I can also use it easily with the delicate dresses that I love most. And the set costs L$400 altogether, which is rather affordable.

I truly didn't fall for Frideswide because the model looked like Anita Mui. :p

People who know me know how much I love jewellery in RL. They know that behind all my overspent dollars and cents there is a good, strong and reliable diamond. (?!)

So when I came to SL, I naturally fell in love with Alienbear's jewellery. I mostly tried to avoid her shop because the pining hurts. Ouch~ And I consoled myself by imagining that they will not suit the kind of clothes I am likely to prance around SL with.

Then came the fateful day when I couldn't resist peeking into her shop again. And I saw Frideswide.

It is perfect. PERFECT.

I got obssessed and I traced Frideswide all the way to Alienbear's Jewelry Design blog entry on 6 Dec 2008. Yep, I have just proven that my SL fashion sense is outdated by 1.5 years. How's that for converting my blog into a fashion blog?

But you can be sure that the first thing I buy when I get my first L$ is Frideswide jewellery. You can bet the whole SL world for a million L$.

When you win the million L$, can you sponsor me the L$400? :D

Wow, I didn't post my photoshoot today!

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19 May 2010

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. :p

I haven't been up to anything in SL for the past 2 days.

RL work had left me so tired that after I login to SL, chased a few dresses, tried on a few dresses, sorted a few dresses, threw away a few dresses, I had to call it a day.

I didn't have the energy for more action even though I really wanted to catch up with my in-world friends.

And if nothing happens tonight still (which is likely), you are going to have to suffer an overdose of my photoshoots for the next 2 days. I would really prefer to space out the photoshoots in my blog though.

Which is why I am ranting here between the last post and the next post. :p

And speaking of photoshoots, I am gearing myself mentally for the next one. I have chosen the costume and location already. It will be one that is quite uncharacteristic for me, so it may be a difficult shoot. But till then.

And now... back to RL. Sorry, I am such an interesting person.

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18 May 2010

Photoshoot 2

This shoot was almost a failure and I had wanted to call it off because most pictures came out looking bland. But I liked these 2 and didn't want to pass them up.

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17 May 2010

From Shopping to Tai-Chi

Lemme whine a little about RL first. It makes me an unprofessional SL blogger but it will explain why I am fast becoming a sucker for SL.

My company had just picked a project (my project, thank you) to enter an international competition on Team Excellence. In the next 2 weeks, the team has to prepare a 20-minute presentation of 37 bloody points that the scoring criteria requires of our project. Which is fine. Even though we are all already overworked.

We had our very first meeting this afternoon and spent over an hour on the very first presentation point - to explain our organisational standardisation of process improvement tools and training to support PDCA (plan, do, check, action) quality framework. Within a whopping 32.4324324 seconds.

... Now can somebody ban me from RL for the next 2 weeks? Or at least... explain that point to me in simple English. *sobs*


RL is bleak. *BAWLS~~~*


Ok, I have finished whining. Back to the post.

I was chasing after a freebie dress (gawd, that dress is gorgeous!) in PurpleMoon when I ran into Namaste. Because her name rang a bell to some of my wannabe RL knowledge, I clicked on her profile and hey, she is not Indian! I was intrigued, so I chatted her up.

I really don't know what happened, but we went from chasing dresses at PurpleMoon to doing Tai-Chi at Kanonji Zen Retreat all within the hour. And not before I got lost once.

Why do I get the feeling that my SL will eventually be as crazy as my RL?

But oh, Namaste was fun to hang out with! I hope to meet her again soon.

And to pass on a little of our Tai-Chi peace to you while I am still sane, here are some pictures of the session. (I am the one in shorts.)

You may notice that I didn't take any close-up shots. It was mainlypartly because I was badly dressed. I had really just woken up, intended to grab that dress quickly and then hole up in the dressing room for the rest of the day.

And partly because my computer was lagging, it was difficult to maneuver my zoom. And partly because I was engrossed in some sort of *coughs* meditative *coughs coughs* discussion of SL fashion at the same time. And...

Hey look, I've gotten in a good backdrop!

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16 May 2010

Rawking AV 1

I found this guy at Valeria Castle. I think his AV is awesome!

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