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03 July 2011

Who said I needed to get a life? Oh right, everybody.

I spent my weekend waiting for my cats to breed.

Yeah, they look different. Because I, erm, bought 8 more cats. *wipes my forehead*

Meet Air and Breeze. (Karen called them Flowerbutts.)

At least I can tell them apart. Air has red ears and his chest speaks of hope. Breeze's ears are yellow and she tells about courage. They are aging cats with about 3 or 4 kitten spans left. I bought them anyway, since they were going for 50l each. They settled in well, and their favourite hobby is to make me wait forever. It paid off though. I am now the proud owner of a...

teacup kitten!

I named her Charm, because she is the sort that grows on you. She is rather ugly if you ask me, but it just makes her cuter. I am also rather proud of her mocha eyes when both her parents are totally non-traited. Her favourite hobby is to hide under my skirt. I assume she is just shy.

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