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18 January 2012

Because work is not boring. Not at all.

The Email (sent by a colleague from another dept):

"Dear Colleagues

The day has arrived! The (machine name) Magnet, the latest addition to the (company name) family has left its home in Germany and will be delivered to us tonight. If the weather holds, the magnet will be going into (dept name) after 12 midnight.

Tonight will not be like any other nights in (company name)! It will be a night of activities, starting at 2200hrs and stretching into the early hours of the morning.

You are welcome to join us if you could to witness the event.

Warmest regards and wishing all a Great Dragon Year ahead!"

So exciting! We are all invited to stay overnight at work to watch a machine arrive!

R: why party over one piece of magnet ah??

Me: must be a very big piece of magnet, that's why so important.

R: Think the magnet will be powerful enough to attract Iron Man.....

Me: we'll need helmets.

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