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29 May 2012

Thank you!

I am blogging at lunch again.

As is typical of me, I didn't notice that my blog has hit 10000 views until days later. Thank you for reading my nonsenseattempts at writing, whoever you are! :D

I know I have not been blogging much of SL lately and I would really like to do so more often, but I doubt you want to keep reading about me gushing over an 8-traited kitten with mysterious everything! And a chiffon peacock egg! Woot woot, how cool are those?? Aside from breeding, I did some building too but was too lazy to take pictures. Still, come visit Coriander Cooperative! We have new stuff! (And pardon the mess. It happens.)

SL is as restful as it was meant to be, but RL is definitely more interesting right now. I am sitting calmly at my desk (shoeless again because transparent lizards can only traumatise me for so long), munching my lunch, sipping milk tea and listening out very calmly. Someone is literally losing it and screaming everybody's heads off in a meeting room nearby. Someone else has consulted a psychiatrist, contacted the security and activated an ambulance. Everyone lucky enough not to have to be trapped in the meeting is gathered outside the room, ready to spring. They have been ready for the past hour. Oh, I just wonder what is going to happen next. And whether it will disrupt my scheduled boring meeting with an external consultant later. I hope so.

Speaking of which, I better get back to work.

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Radar Hawklord said...

Grats on 10.000 page views XD

Cheers, Radar

Tashi Core said...

Thanks! :)

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