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30 January 2011

I became a Hybrid!!!

It was an impulse decision. As impulsive as shopping. :/

So, anyway. I have witnessed dozens of turnings by now and knowing what to expect, I managed to do a decent job with the pics this time in comparison with my previous 2 turnings. I am really pleased. :)

Sashia and me eyeing each other.

I really liked this one. If only I could capture her face too.

The final bite.

Turning into a revenant before the, err, poof of embracement/enragement. It is also known as the not-human-but-still-human stage. Ah, how uncomplicated is the bloodlines game. :p


The poof. Great pic from Sashia! :D

Pic from Sher. Gosh, how did he capture me looking so sweet even when I was wearing teethfangs? So deceiving. :p

And now... I am going back to do some RL spring-cleaning for the Chinese New Year. :(

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