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01 August 2011

My SLife is now consumed by prims that move.

I was about to post something about KittyCatS again when I realised how boring I am. BORING.

Then I realised that the RL me has finally crept into SL. The quiet, withdrawn me who doesn't usually want to say anything. Sure, I can be chirpy. Sure, I can chat (sometimes). But like RL, I am starting to keep mostly to myself. And spend my time watching over prims that look like cats.

Anyway. I am thinking of getting a prim baby now. Erm, yes I think they are creepy. I love creepy. But why the hell are they so expensive?

I have no idea where I am going with this post.

It's Monday, you are probably blue, and I am green. I didn't want to talk about cats, but I did. I want a prim baby.

Ok, I think that's about it. I need coffee.

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