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04 August 2011

So yeah, Karenjit.


Karenjit Kaur Core.

I granted me my wish by, well, you know. After some choosing, I finally got her after several failed attempts to close my eyes and click "Buy". I had to drag Karen along for a morale boost.

I am still not sure that getting her was the right thing. She turned out to be not that creepy, but she's kinda weird. She played her piano all.night.long. I logged off when she was at her piano, got a whole night's sleep, and logged in to find her still at it. Is my kiddo a budding musician prim?

Was it my fault for not giving her a crib and her teddy? But those are quite primmy! *hints Zooby* And teddy is ugly, to top it off. *hints again Zooby*

And since I am hinting, I might as well add that I hope the babies can get some skin options one day. I was eyeing the vampire skin for Morgan (Zooby knows what I am talking about) and wishing I could use it on Karenjit. Just sometimes.

I am going to skip dinner tonight to make up for the money I blew on Karenjit.

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