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29 August 2011


The thing about living with... oh, nevermind.

I have already ranted quite a bit on fb about how my computer got interfered with and is now hospitalised and awaiting diagnosis. I am now using an old spare Chinese computer that is somehow banned from logging into SL.

The good news is that words spread very fast in fb, and my Eturnal Night family have offered to help ensure that my cats don't starve and can even continue to breed while I wait things out and (try not to) plot my revenge since I have nothing better to do with my free time now. Thanks Karen, Oracle and Sashia! I promise to come up with a good revengeget a nice break and come back as good as gold.

I am still ranting.

Posted by Tashi Core

1 comment:

Samanthe Mirror said...

your so welcome hun :)

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