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12 September 2011

How to make a megaprim?

Me: how did you stretch that?
Karen: I just... stretched it
Me: we usually can't stretch anything to be more than 10m, right?
Karen: oh no, that changed a while ago
Karen: the 10m limit is gone
Me: didn't work for me :(
Karen: I think you have to be the owner?
Me: sorry i spoiled your prim
Me: lol
Karen: you didn't spoil it, lol
Karen: It's just a stupid flat prim
Me: still didn't work for me
Me: hmmm
Karen: er, you might want to tp home :D
Me: is there any special setting you have that i don't?
Karen: I think I just smashed us through the skybox floor
Me: i am safe and sound :D
Karen: Perhaps I have Magikul powurrs
Me: ...
Me: there's nothing like a megaprim to keep me awake at night
Karen: but no, I am looking through my settings and I don't see "make big honking prims" checked anywhere
Karen: as far as i know they just changed the 10x10x10 limit
Me: blah, will check it out tomorrow

So... how do I make a megaprim???

Posted by Tashi Core


Alicia Chenaux said...

If you're in an old school viewer, like Phoenix or old Firestorm, you can't do it. I *THINK* there is a way to fix it in Imprudence, but I'm not sure. However, if you use the regular LL viewer, you can stretch up to 64m.

Tashi Core said...

Hmmm, Karen was on Phoenix. But I'll give it a try on LL viewer. Thanks! :D

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