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25 December 2011

Oh yeah, right. Merry Christmas!

It was a good time for me to disappear. And for you to miss me. (Finally! She's stopped ranting and gone away.)

I don't have much about SL to tell you right now except that I should really bring myself together and start building. Soon.

In RL, I should really bring myself together and start de-cluttering my room. Soon.

Given that my RL this month is more "happening" (Singaporean slang) than SL and I really have nothing to blog about for SL right now, lemme satisfy you stalkersreaders (if I still have any left after my absence) with a RL photo.

That's me on my 30th birthday. Doing what women love best - shopping. In Hong Kong. It explains my absence. Yay, I am 30!

Of course, I might have wished that I would look more like this for my grand 30s.

Alas, the truth is never what we think we want. The good news is, I enjoy that. Aging, learning, still growing. Hopefully not horizontallyalways improving. Understanding myself better and deeper.

Maybe, just maybe, life is only just beginning. :)

Happy Holidays.

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