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05 December 2011

The Confession (sort of)

I have mentioned before that December is a month of reflection for me. This month this year, I feel more alive than I've ever had for the past... 18 months?

It was around 18 months ago when I felt the sudden effects of my burnout in RL. Coincidentally close to the time that I discovered SL, I've since spent most of my free time hiding in SL. SL was an escape that allowed me to breathe and stay afloat.

That is not to say that my RL sucks. Contrarily it is actually pretty good. Sure, things had been difficult, but I treasure my life and it was looking better and better. But I think I overdid myself and my body gave out. I lost interest in the many things I wanted (and still want) to do, and my body protested by falling sick all. the. freaking. time.

Bit by bit, I had to let go of my duties and projects. I tried to sleep more. I tried to work less. I feel better now, but I have not recovered. I have one final step to take. Or a few steps.

But I already feel alive, because I am starting to plan again. I am not ready to share my plans yet, but I will when the time is right.

I know what I need, and I am going to do it.

Posted by Tashi Core
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