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08 December 2011

Impressed, no?

This is KittyCats, the guy who created the um, KittyCatS.

Yes, he was in my home! He visited me! OMG HE CAME HE CAME.

I am totally fangirling him, although there was probably only work in his mind. His intelligent script-literate brain was concerned with figuring out some scripting issues. My not-that-intelligent (Script? What script?) brain was more concerned with figuring out how to capture the pics at the right moment, which was when his nose glowed.

I kept sneaking up behind him, err, nevermind. What? Rainbow is in fashion!

But I have to say that I am impressed by how serious KittyCatS are about resolving issues. I didn't expect such initiative for an issue that I did not file a ticket for. (All I did was start a topic thread in their forum. Oops.) But I swear I would have filed the tic and make himthem work just as hard if it means nothing but to get him to visit meif I didn't fall sick and decided to take things easy in SL for a while. I am lazyeasygoing like that.

Anyhoo, he came. AND HE BROUGHT KIBBLE WITH HIM. Woohoo~

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