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21 May 2012


WARNING: This post is not for the weak-minded! Or anyone too imaginative. Please do not read if you belong to either group, or... I will not be responsible for your therapy. It is more than traumatic enough taking care of mine.

I am trying not to shiver right now.

Um, ok. So. Those who heard my whining knows that I've been under some crazy stress at RL work lately, though that's only the background and not the nightmare. I wouldn't be blogging if not for said nightmare because I would be absorbed in the 451358421 tasks that are physically and virtually burying my workdesk.

So. I was all over the place all morning and could finally take a breather wayyy after lunch hour. I had cake (again) and tea and I took off my shoes. It was as good a time as any time when I can finally sit down to catch up with some paperwork.

And my toes touched something cold and soft. It felt almost gooey. I didn't know what it was, but I was intuitive enough to feel chilled.

I really didn't want to look down. But it would be worse to live with something cold and possibly gooey at my feet, right? So I took a deep breath... it wasn't so bad at first glance. It was something silvery and silvery things shouldn't be so bad, right? I mean, I couldn't see it clearly because it was dark down there. I don't usually shine a lamp under my desk, apparently. And, but, I had to pick it up. Because whatever it was, I shouldn't live with something cold and silvery and possibly gooey at my feet, right?

It was one very dead and very mangled transparent lizard. The eyes were quashed to one side and both the hind legs were missing. One front leg was sticking out like it was grabbing desperately for help that obviously never arrived. (Why was it cold? And transparent???)


I know I didn't step on it because it wasn't flattened. But I didn't roll my feet or shoes all over the floor too. Did I? :(


I used a napkin to remove it and found some other... remains that were... not legs.

My fingers and feet are still chilled. I just hope the office vacumn cleaner is strong enough for... whatever I didn't find.

I think I wanna cry.

Posted by Tashi Core


Anonymous said...

I was having a camping trip....france...we set up our encampment and went off to dinner...and some good wine ofc. So far so good.

We returned to the camp and hitted the sleeping bags. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling something moving between my fingers. Half awake..or asleep if you prefer, I crushed the wiggling creature. Peace returned at last. I fell asleep again.

I woke up next morning, finding a HUGE and very DEAD beetle in my sleeping bag...close to my hand...

You can imagine Im not really a beetle fan anymore...

Cheers, Radar

Tashi Core said...

Um, I am guessing that you were camping where the crawlies are abundant...

What are lizards made of nowadays anyway? :(

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