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08 April 2011

I have been too strong... for too long.

I've not had a real breakdown for the past 10 years, even though the most difficult part of my life came only a few years ago. Yes, very difficult, so difficult that I doubt anyone normal can go through what I did the way I did. I am not complaining, I chose my path. I am merely explaining that I went through quite a bit.

Sometimes in life, it is not the major issues that throws you the final straws.

The straw comes when your dad's new mobile phone becomes more important than your delayed dinner after a long day's work, so you must fix the phone now. Right now.

The straw comes when your brain is still fried from the long day's work and you try to discuss alternatives with your bf but he gets upset because your ideas are so not brilliant.

The straw comes when he messes up your schedule (again!), and didn't seem happy when you try to fix it.

The straw comes when you can't explain where the ache in your shoulders came from, or your new swollen eye. Oh right, PMS.

The straw comes when you can't even be bothered to think of that time when things are definitely worse...

I think it is time for a good breakdown.

And that said, I am going on a blogging break.

I'll be back when I feel up to it. (Maybe tomorrow.) And when I come back, you will get my rantingjuicy gossip again.

Meanwhile, the world continues to spin... too fast.

Posted by Tashi Core


Chalice Carling said...

((A very big hug)). Put you first.

Tashi Core said...

thanks Chalice. :)

sashia Rae said...

Tashi, you need a big huge, didnt know you were feeling so low. shout at me next time, if you need me im here, sending you hugs and love xxxx

Tashi Core said...

Hey, I am ok. :) Just really needed a break. Will be back soon.

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