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12 March 2013

My Seven SL facts

After not blogging for almost 3 months, I decided to jump on the meme wagon started by Strawberry Singh.

I've not had much to say since things are well and boring, and I am planning my phase-out from SL. Will update about this soon. I am excited. Blabbering.

So, 7 SL facts about me in no particular order:

1. I am a... virgin. Yes, it is hard to say this outright with a straight face because pixel virginity is such an important issue. *coughs* But it's not a surprise by now, I guess, that I have ZERO interest in changing my SLexual status.

2. I am a little anti-social in SL (probably RL too), and I use my RL timezone shamelessly as an excuse to isolate myself. I do come out of my shell in a blue moon though, and there are a handful of friends in SL whom I will always chat with.

3. I had secret crushes on two guys in SL. I enjoyed admiring them from afar but never wanted to pursue them.

4. Tashi is my RL name, albeit not my legal name.

5. I am not sure if Tashi Core is my first AV. I remember registering a Tashi Wind many years back, likely in 2003 when SL first started and I was a fresh graduate. But I did not catch on to the SLife then and I can't remember what happened to Wind, or if she really happened at all.

6. I am embarassed about how many alts I have. Not telling. :X

7. I don't see SL as a separate life from RL. SL is a channel to express a side of my personality that is stymied in RL, that's all. It is all part of who I am in a fuller circle.

Posted by Tashi Core


Strawberry Singh said...

Sometimes I forget how many alts I have! LOL I think we all make way too many for fun. Thanks for participating! <3

Tashi Core said...

I had to... keep a list to track my alts. :p

Thanks for commenting. <3

Deoridhe said...

I keep a list, too, and I have all of them set to login on my Radegast browser, which is how I dual log.

Tashi Core said...

^5! lol.

Radar said...

all very valid and sensible points Tashi. I never went wild on alts..I mostly play my main ava with some alts gathering virtual dust in the digital closet. Always loved to read your blog....! Godspeed Tashi

Tashi Core said...

Thanks Radar. Stay in touch. *hugs*

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