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04 April 2011

And the Virgin Speaks.


Yeah right, me. :p

So the other day, when I told an acquaintance that I was never interested in getting me some cartoon romance and sex, he went, "What, you are a SL virgin?!" and laughed at me.

I started counting pixels in my head, trying to decide how to categorise each of them into virgin pixels or non-virgin ones. I do that whenever I think about virginity. In RL I count and categorise body cells.

And split them by percentage. Even out the probability, compute the sigma and draw a control chart. Ended up bashing Microsoft 2007.

Sorry, RL work confuses my life.

But being a freak is apparently not enough to make those SLex-seeking guys freak out.

My reply didn't come out right though. I said something like, "What is it about pixelated virginity?" I really meant the categorising, but it came out sounding like I was offended. I probably should be offended, but omg I was already sooo upset, you know. Because according to this dude, I have missed out on sooo much.


I have never tried to prove that I was duped and dumped in love, so that someone may decide to have SLex with me. (Yes, he sent me their chat log, just to convince me that he really got dumped. And therefore broke the LL TOS for SL users if it was a real log. Someone sue him please?) I don't know where the logic is that will help him get the SLex, but there you go.

I have never thrown myself at someone I had just met with all the glorious details of my oh-so-disastrous love story, so that someone may decide to have SLex with me. I still don't know where the logic is, but there you go.

And I have never attempted a loser mockery at someone who chose not to play along with me, so that someone may decide to have SLex with me. Seriously, someone explain this to me?

It was only the first day that I've met him and he is already showing me sooo much that I've missed out. I am sure that I will go on to discover A LOT more if I got to know him better. How am I ever going to erm, not fall behind??? *sobs*


I guess I shouldn't even have entertained him in the first place. But talking to him was fun(ny)... actually downright hilarious.

Needless to say, we didn't stay acquainted for long. *hint* I can be mean too.

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