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07 April 2013

Just for something to say.

I am in love with this hair. (Lelutka Effect in Neon (Moon))


I had this hair in RL when I was 6 (of course it was almost black instead), and I hated it. My mother kept my hair short because she didn't want the additional hassle of dressing it. Even though I quickly learned to tidy my hair by myself, she still didn't allow it to grow beyond my shoulders. That is, until I was old enough to make it more troublesome for her to harass me to go to the hairdresser than to leave me alone to take care of my own hair. I've had waist-length hair for the past 20 years and my well-kept hair still irks her. I suppose it is a mother-to-daughter thing that will always remain a mystery. She had waist-length hair before she got married. What's with the double standard?

So anyway, this hair feels nostalgic to me. The bright colour keeps it from *ahem* traumatising *coughs* me with my childhood. Not to mention that it matches my shoes.

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