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30 April 2013

My Three SL Wishes Meme

It's time to make a wish, or three. Ok, how about one more?

1. I wish perverts and griefers of SL will get into trouble in RL.
They need a good lesson. Need I say more?

2. I wish land is cheaper.
I dream of owning a full SIM, but... it's just a dream. Well, maybe someday.

3. I wish scripting is much easier.
Maybe it is already easy and I am just a dummy. How about making it easy for dummies too?

4. I wish people aren't "ashamed" of SL.
I am not. I do hide SL from RL because of my RL work. Some of my (ex)colleagues were quite malicious, so I imagine things wouldn't go too well for me if they knew. But I am open about my SLife with my family and close friends. I mean, if they can play Candy Crush secretly, why can't I play SL secretly? :p

Posted by Tashi Core


Peep Sideshow said...

I also keep my involvement in SL away from my real life friends and family. I guard my identity rather closely within SL, as well. I can just imagine my horror if I discovered the guy who just IM'd me saying, "Nice shoes. Wanna $@#%?" was my high school math teacher! o.O

Tashi Core said...

Horny guy should be the horrified one, I think. *wink*
In my case I am more wary of hateful colleagues spreading stories because I actually dare to have a "meaningless" hobby, and therefore does not deserve my promotion. Or if I were to "just spend a little less time playing computer games I would perform better at work". Or better yet, "how about asking Tashi to stay back to do this, because all she does after work is play computer games anyway?"

Strawberry Singh said...

I would laugh so hard if I knew any of the horny griefer guys in RL! LOL

RedIce Cioc said...

I agree with Tashi. I am also scared of letting people know that I play SL. Cos I don't know what they will think about me.

In addition, they don't know what is SL (they know what is World of Warcraft haha)and I don't know how to explain to them.

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