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06 November 2010

Found the Problem... sort of

The good news is, the loss of inventory is likely a glitch and the lost items are likely to be just sort of hidden and not lost after all.

The bad news is, a few items will probably still be lost and there will be quite a bit of inconvenience until this bug gets resolved.

I did some tests that involved uninstalling and reinstalling Viewer 2 several times and found that I was able to make most of my inventory come back. I still could not reclaim a few items, but those are thankfully easily replaceable so that I do not have to bother the designers.

Apparently there is some sort of glitch in Viewer 2 now that is causing every other item to disappear from the folders which has an item in it that is being worn. And at the point of discovering that something was wrong, I was wearing a hairbase from my Dutch Touch folder and a hair from my Maitreya folder...

I managed to make most of them reappear by changing out to different folders and then uninstalling and reinstalling the Viewer. Only very few items did not come back. But of course, there were newly-disappeared items - items from the folders of my newest outfit that I did not choose to wear.

I am using Imprudence now. :(

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