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28 March 2011

(Sort of) A Typical Day

Samanthe: O.O
Samanthe: house gone byebye...
Me: omg
Me: hahahahahaha
Karen: oh no what did I do
Me: you tore up my house
Samanthe: lol
Me: *rofl*
Karen: how much of it did I kill? I was trying to delete the damn earrings
Me: *re-rezzed the deleted portion of the house and sent it into outer space* ugh, I am no better at this. brb. fetching back the house
Karen: yikes
Samanthe: have fun
Karen: Damn, I'm such a bozo
Me: *flew into outer space, found the house, shoved it back into my plot and flew back*
Karen: I'm reasonably sure Tashi will forgive me. lord knows she's done it before, LOL
Samanthe: love the smell of a wall in the morning...
Samanthe: since it was right in my face I had to say it
Karen: lol I think I lost the tip of my nose
Karen: *wedges into a chair* I'm gonna sit here quietly and keep outta trouble

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