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14 March 2011

They said I am imaginative.

I have a degree in Theatre Studies (and Mathematics) (no kidding) (yeah, I know) in RL. Up to some 10 years ago, I held a dream of an on-stage career. But I eventually went through a phase during which my priorities in life changed dramatically.

Fast forward to last year, I stumbled into SL and discovered that I could actually try to re-live my forsaken dream in this virtual world. SL is a stage of creative art, glorious roleplay and stunning fashion. It has the potential for everything that I had wanted back then.

So I tried. And then I realised how much I had changed in the last not-so-few years.

When I resigned from my drama dream and settled for a routine 9-6 boredom, it was mainly due to an understanding that a more important purpose had emerged in my life and I cannot put in enough to sustain the best of both worlds. I knew that I would continue to love the stage regardless. I still do now.

But I was caught by surprise when I found that I cannot act in SL. I cannot roleplay with a straight face. I cannot watch other AVs play out their fantasy without giggling at how surreal it feels. I cannot help feeling silly when I try to play along. I cannot help adding in a RL twist. I cannot get serious.

That said, I think it is probably because SL is a different platform from the RL stage, which has experienced many more years of professional tweaking. And I applaud those in SL who are able to immerse fully into what they are doing. I think I have lost my depth, though it may not be in a bad way.

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