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02 May 2011

One year old!

Err, so it was my rezzday yesterday. I woke up to a SL family split.

When I moved into Eturnal Twilight, we had a family split almost immediately and our group became Eturnal Night. Now we have another split on my rezzday. Yup, I am quite the jinx. I wonder why Sashia still loves me so much.

Ok, I jest. No hard feelings. We all need to do what we think we need to do. I didn't need to joke about it. But then, did it have to choose my rezzday?! *ahem* I demand that gives me a little leeway to jape a bit.

Regardless, I sort of celebrated my rezzday by throwing a megaprim into the SIM and getting the whole family excited over... a prim. I even managed to activate a couple of family heros to search for my all-important megaprim. The most heroic of the heros who found my megaprim also found... more. I had apparently thrown out a wall and a pose stand that I don't remember. A wall!

(Now you know, my main job in Eturnal Night is to litter the SIM. And I do a really good job.)

So if you asked me how my rezzday went, I'd say, "Embarassing".

Oh, and Karen gave me a pair of shoes. :D Thank you!

And Redice decided to let me bite her! :D

I think I am running a fever today. I need to go back to sleep.

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