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26 May 2011

Crack me up a year late.

My brother broke a foot in March last year. Being a... guy, he posted a disgusting photo of his dirty bandaged foot on fb immediately, which I will spare you from. Ok ok, because I am lazy.

The subsequent story went something like this:

Me: wa kao! only few hours never see you you become like that.

Bro: many things can happen within dat few hours u know??

Me: ya, can tell.

Friend 1: bro.. Wat happened to u?

Bro: Kicked my leg against the sofa real hard.. =p

Friend 1: i noe how it feel like... last time i accidentally kicked my leg against the divider in the carpark, toe nail split.. pain for few days.. ouch

Epilogue - One Year Later (yesterday)

Friend 2 (who apparently lives in Australia and goes by the nickname of panda): how the hell did you kick it so hard it broke?!?!

Bro: Dear panda, u responded more than a year late.. Australia lagging or u lagging?? =D

Friend 2: pssh i only just saw the photo! still! it's something curious, how come you kick so hard one wah lau

Friend 3: wah lao..brother, next time i buy a football for u if u wanna kick something. haha...:) hope u have recovered le ya.

Bro: ‎@panda: i tot my leg was harder than the sofa..
‎@Friend 3: I've fully recovered.. thanks! =D

Friend 4: kor, wat happen to u? @@

Bro: how come my leg suddenly become hot topic??

Friend 4: ehh i juz saw ur pics nia

Friend 5: U ok?

Moral of the Story - Karma catches up pretty late sometimes. Either that, or some of his friends are really sllooowwww.

*If you are lost, do refer to the Singlish Dictionary.

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