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20 May 2011

There is always a first time for everything.

I fought my first war last night. Without any prior training.

That is, apart from that time when I accidentally killed our Queen. And that other time I bullied Karen right after I connedconvinced her to buy a war hud too.

Anyway, training sessions for our army were always held during my RL sleeptime. And I firmly believe that life is hard enough without having to wake up in the middle of the night to train for war.

I might have broken some of the war rules a few times without knowing it (sorry!), but I think I did pretty well for a virgin fight, since I only got killed about 10 times.

According to my army, this war that I happened into was a crazed and difficult one. Our opponents were experienced, lethal and persistent. And it didn't help that our army's best fighters were not in-world when we were invaded.

I supposed that was why we got wiped out.

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