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02 June 2011

The Bathtub

Karen: because the whole thing was actually inspired by the fact that I, ah, accidently turned a section of the floor transparent and couldn't turn it back
Me: i turned it back already :p
Me: i notice the floor was... moved slightly
Karen: Yeah. the whole thing started when I was wrestling grimly....
Karen: ....with a skirt
Me: i thought it would be something like that
Karen: long story. Boring story.
Karen: but suddenly there was a hole in the floor so I was like, what will cover the hole in the floor.
Karen: Bathtub seemed a likely prospect

Words can't describe the gigantic-ness of a 10m*10m bathtub.

Me: ...
Karen: It's really an adorable skirt though, if I can just pry off that dang belt


Karen: whatever possessed her to put a giant honking white belt on an adorable skirt I'll never know

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