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20 June 2011

More conversations, because I talk a lot.

Carlotta: erm i am confused... new computer, just installed sl2 and everything changed!!!!!
Me: what changed?
Me: congrats on new computer :D
Carlotta: erm, no menu at the top, all sorts of crud taking up half the screen at the bottom instead of the side bar... world seems stuck in a letterbox at the top of the screen
Carlotta: new computer is cos old laptop finally died - the graphics card finally gave up
Me: lol
Me: i think you are talking about the new version of the viewer :)
Me: just take some time to get used to it
Me: it is improved (I think. At least LL said so. :p)
Carlotta: well obviously i had to download the most recent! i think i have worked out the problem - i am in basic mode
Carlotta: i have to log out to go to advanced i think
Me: hmmm
Carlotta: basic won't let me into my inventory!!!
Me: lol, i heard
Me: how about a 3rd party viewer?
Me: i am loving the new firestorm
Carlotta: you mean you heard my scream from singapore!?
Carlotta: the horror the horror!

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