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03 February 2014

Brand New Interview Meme

I took a while to do this because I am not always in SL anymore. My RL hasn't settled as I am still looking for a job, and I do get a little fidgety. It is not about whether I will eventually get a job or not, but the feeling of being in suspense while waiting for interview replies and being hesitant in applying for less-than-ideal positions (in case the ideal ones decide that I don't fit), and then worrying if I are prepared enough for the interviews, it can all be daunting.

But! I am good at kicking up a big fussconvincing SL friends to my cause, so I managed to get 2 friends who were willing to interview me. Maybe this compensates for my (lack of) quantity of SL friends. :p

My first interviewer was Debbie Jasper, my new fake wife inspired by Berry's fake marriage. I get that I am so not original but at least, I added a twist! My fake marriage is a lesbian one! We are about as sexually attracted to each other as two north poles of two magnets. It is probably why she has gotten herself a slave now. But more about this slave thing later. There are details in my second interview with Redice Cioc.

Before I launch, I need to let you know that there is quite a bit of Singlish involved, so our grammar may sound weird to you. All 3 of us are Singaporeans, and if you can avoid Singlish with a Singaporean, then you are not a Singaporean. If you get confused, please refer to the The Singlish Dictionary tab for your learning pleasure. If you do not find an explanation there, you can ask me directly. Com'on, Singlish is fun! :D

Debbie: Hi Tashi, I am always curious as to how you came to know about SL?
Me: I think I blogged about it before. Lemme see if I can find the post. Anyway, I heard of SL when it first launched in Singapore. At that time, mIRC was the "in" thing, and SL was a hit with one of my mIRC groups. Here, this blog post tells the rest. I didn't catch on to SL at the beginning because I was distracted by events in my RL and was phasing out of the internet world. But a few years ago, I came back and the rest is history.

Debbie: Wah... What else to ask lol. You came into SL in 2010 right. So when you first came into SL... what was it that kept you coming back?
Me: Oh it was the fashion and home-decorating. I have a thing for virtual home decoration and I get addicted to virtual home decorating games. I think that was why I eventually started building houses and furniture in SL.

Debbie: I know you are part of a vamp family?
Me: Yeah, I am in a bloodlines family.
Debbie: Do you really think there is a possibility of real family relationship to develop in SL?
Me: To be honest, I am not the sort that goes around calling people family (unless it is a total joke). Although as I get to know people better in SL, I do think of them as real friends. But even as real friends I have known them for at most 3-4 years. For me, that is not long enough of a foundation to be family. I'll like to get to be closer with some friends for sure, but it takes time. And for me, a much longer time. :)
Debbie: Yeah... it's also hard for me to open up too quickly to someone I just met to call one a family. :)

Debbie: And how did you end up being a vamp?
Me: I met a girl who warned me about bloodlines players going around to anyhow bite people. Instead of becoming wary, I decided it was interesting and started to explore it lol. I didn't plan to commit to any groups though, so I created alts to go around looking for a chance to be victims. I explored about 3 clans altogether.
Debbie: And you decided to stay with one?
Me: My current clan was one of them. One of my alts was at the NCI public dressing room when I saw another noob with the tag "Eturnal Bloodangel" on her head. I thought "Bingo!" and chatted her up. So she took me to the Eturnal clan's SIM where I met Sashia, who ended up having to put up with me. :)

Debbie: I know you are one of those who play with rather many alts lol.... Do you then think so, with the ease of creating new accounts, it's easy for one to hide their real identity and thus making the SL a rather fake and unfeeling world to be?
Me: Wa... I need to study sociology for this one.
Debbie: lol
Me: At a personal level, I am ok with the idea of a user holding many accounts. No matter that a person is or is not a troublemaker, having many alts doesn't change that person. I also think it is actually much easier in SL to protect oneself from real harm, so I think it is really a matter of knowing where to draw my own line. If someone (uses SL anonymity to) grieves me, I'll just handle it as it comes.

Debbie: I guess I know you enough to trust you to be using them with caution, but have you encountered anyone who's against the idea of multiple accounts?
Me: I have met people who say they only have one AV because they don't need to be anyone else or they are proud to be who they are or they have nothing to hide blah blah blah..
Debbie: Ya lor lol
Me: I just ignore them and do my own thing. They don't decide my fun. But I am not sure if they are really judgmental or not, they could just be making a statement about their preference. Since I didn't bother to confront them, I'll give them benefit of doubt. :)
Debbie: Yea, sometimes it's better to 'trust' that they are telling the truth. Anyway hor..... our interview is very serious leh.
Me: Ya lor, I was thinking how come har? hahaha
Debbie: You sure want to post it? lol
Me: I'll decide when I edit the grammar.
Debbie: Ya... But the content is the same mah.
Me: So you can ask something light-hearted or not? lol

Debbie: Hmmmm Why do you want to partner me har? LOL Light enough?
Me: I fell in love with you when I was interviewing you. I like sweet romantic innocent girls. They are a great complement for my cynical, maniacal BDSM taste. Muahahahahha! (To get this, you must read the interview I did for Debbie when she posts it, if she ever posts it.)
Debbie: LOL feel like vomiting.
Me: Ok, now I am having second thoughts about posting this interview on my blog.
Debbie: lol I know la. You know…
Me: You know I know what?
Debbie: I still think we must have an idea what the interview is about... if not it will end up as our biography.
Me: U dun so serious can or not? lol No wonder you are not a reporter.
Debbie: Oh, I thought reporters are serious people.
Me: Not all. But it might be because I read more entertainment news than real news. Maybe you will make a good serious news reporter. I will do as a gossip tabloid reporter.

And we got distracted discussing our potential new career as reporters...

And now for Redice's interview, but let's take a short break here with a picture I did to wish you a Happy Valentine's.

(I found my "lover"! And my Sailormoon underwear!)

Redice: Hello Ms Core. What u doing in SL these days?
Me: lol I wasn't doing much. I kind of got bored, then Strawberry's fake marriage gave you the idea that it is something I can try. I wanted to partner you since it was your suggestion, but you didn't come in-world in time. So I partnered Debbie instead.
Redice: Well I can't help it. I went online you not in. But is ok. Glad you found a partner.
Me: I am now a lesbian in SL. And I don't know what happened but Debbie and I had a chat and we are thinking we should do BDSM... and not with each other. We are auditioning for suitable slaves now. Ok actually I am joking. I don't do SLex. I do like the idea of having a slave though. hee

Redice: Oh. What is your criteria for slave? Anyone will do?
Me: I haven't thought of it actually. I think Debbie has a better idea what she wants. :p I'll just share with her.
Me: Oh god, I think I am going to ruin her reputation with this interview.
Redice: haha
Me: My one rule is still no SLex though. So I can't have a horny slave.
Redice: Me too if i do this.
Me: Oh, you also don't do SLex?
Redice: Unless I like him :)
Me: Oh, ah.
Redice: I haven't crossed the line in SL so I don't think much about it. Is your blog censor ok with this topic? We can skip, you know.
Me: I am fine. I'm pretty open about this topic.
Redice: Can the slave be of any gender? I am sure blog readers are interested so they can see whether they can apply.
Me: Yeah, they can. I haven't really set any criteria yet. But I think I would be happy if they are interested in the bloodlines game. Then again, I also need to set their expectations. I don't login to SL consistently and may go absent for a few days at a time, so they can't complain when that happens. I need a balanced RL and daily SL just doesn't do it for me anymore.
Redice: Ah yes understand your feeling about this. SL takes up a lot of time.
Me: I still love SL though. :)
Redice: me too ^_^
Me: Great, I'll still see you in-world again then... every few months. :p
Redice: ya every few months

Redice: What about kittycats? You like kittycats last time.
Me: I still love them, but they are very time-consuming so I decided I'll not take them up again for now.
Redice: Do you have them as pets in SL?
Me: No house at the moment, they are in my inventory and some are with my alt. I still have a few hundred unborn kitten boxes in my cattery too.
Redice: Ah can sell them you know.
Me: Their traits are outdated and I am lazy to check out the market sims. I'll see how I can use them when and if I get down to sorting them out. I'll sort out RL and get settled first. :)
Redice: Time to watch pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia show. So I should end this interview. Thank you for considering me as interviewer. :)
Me: lol ok, Thank you for interviewing me.

Redice: As I am also your blog reader, could you update on the BSDM slave thing when you have a chance? I am curious on how it works.
Me: Sure, provided I keep up with what I just said. lol

I have no good way to end this interview because it ended so abruptly. But I sure had fun doing both interviews. I'll talk again in my next blog post. This one is very long enough.

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Strawberry Singh said...

Don't you find that fake marriages are so much easier to handle than real ones? :P Also you brought back some serious memories mentioning mirc, lol! Loved the interviews. <3

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