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01 February 2011

It probably doesn't concern anyone who bothers to read this blog.

I was born with a very bad temper. I put in a lot of effort to curb it. I learned humour. I learned patience. And I learned that although a good amount of wrath is sometimes needed to put things into place, I don't have to be angry when I deliver it. In fact, the ironic thing about anger is that letting it get into me actually makes me inefficient in delivering it effectively.

And how does all these apply to SL?

Well, you know who you are. But oh dear, maybe you are thick enough to not know? :p

I do have better things to do with my time, like spending it with better people or being a friendless bitch. Accept the truth and go get yourself some manners instead. Throw in some EQ if you can manage. And then brains. It helps.

Oh, linking it back to my bad-temper philosophy, I am not angry with you. I promise. Only slightly irritated. But you can try me again if you dare. :)

And yes, I am officially and publicly taunting you.

*hits the publish button and rofl*

Sometimes my humour makes no sense. :/

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