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22 September 2010

I've taken a long time to do this.

But here you go!

Meet Zess, my pet doll. :D

As expected, a doll wasn't my initial plan. She started out as a lycan-wannabe, so I had a sort of clawing jungle child in mind. I gave her red hair and green clothes, and almost hung myself trying to fix her a wardrobe. Her fate changed during the Think Pink hunt when I found her some torn clothes in pink (of course). She has since deteriorateddeveloped into candy. Looking at her now reminds me of my teenage fashion sense some dinosaur decadeyears ago. *cringe*

I am feeling kinda overdosed with all her sugar, so I shall be working it off by planning a warrior life for her. :p I've turned her into a walking undead cum hybrid-wannabe and she will be exploring the BL Wars when I have time, and budget.

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