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29 September 2010

Some Thoughts

I don't take SL seriously. Believe me? :p

But I am acutely aware that the people in it have feelings. It is the reason why I treat my SL friends as I would a person in my RL. Because they are RL people, even though I only see their AVs. I am not being unrealistic to treat them so.

Yes, it is easily dismissible that a SL AV is really "just an AV", because it's fantasy and pixels after all. But it is not right to dismiss the humans behind the AVs, those humans who wish to be happy and not be hurt, just like myself. It is not mistaken for me to empathise with those feelings.

Whether SL friends will eventually be true friends or not, time will tell. But we are not being stupid if we care sincerely for each other, we are being humane.

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