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28 September 2010

So... Happening Weekend Again

First of all, welcome to my new home. :D

(This pic is outdated by now, our "renovations" were nowhere near finished yet when I took this. Have you ever seen a vampire home this kiddish? :p)

Karen and I moved to Eturnal over the weekend. She is such a sporting girl that I don't know how to thank her enough. She didn't know Eturnal and wasn't interested in BL, but she agreed to move because she knew I was desperately in love with Eturnal.

My new neighbours are all Eturnal family, so there will be no more random strangers messing with our home. :D And when we fall off the plot, we will land onto the neat beautiful Eturnal land (or water, if I jump from a particular corner).

I gotta thank Sashia too, for all the trouble *wink* setting up this lovely space for me. I realise that I haven't been mentioning much of Sashia in my blog, although I have been having a lot of fun with her ever since Vivienne started pestering her.

So let me re-introduce Sashia again. :p She was promoted to be our new Queen yesterday, following an exciting incident which I will talk about later if I can find the correct words. I am not sure if this is the right sentiment to express, but I am happy to see her as the Queen after witnessing all her devoted work for the Eturnal family.

Oh well, nothing (in RL or SL) is permanent. We'll just have to appreciate and enjoy what we have while it lasts. :)

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